LONG HAUL | Deep space is lonely. Make sure you've got some powerful thrusters. "Purple Ship" by Titus Lunter, via Concept Ships.

Daniel Craig and the Lost Indiana Jones Joke in Cowboys & Aliens

Daniel Craig is just like us, in some ways. He can't sit next to Harrison Ford with a blaster without making Star Wars jokes. While promoting Cowboys & Aliens Daniel Craig sat down with a few journalists including io9 and talked all things, well, cowboys and aliens. More »

David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot would have been Hollywood's weirdest take on superheroes yet

If things had turned out differently, one of America's most famous superheroes could have been racing across our screens this fall. But the gods were against Wonder Woman, NBC's superhero show. More »

Biologist says cancers might actually be newly-evolved species inside your body

We think of cancer as a disease, a form of runaway cell growth within an organism. But we might not have realized what cancers really are: separate, brand new parasitic species that evolve from and prey upon their human hosts. More »

Catwoman's Massage Booth and Playboy Supergirls: Comic-Con Badvertising

There's advertising - and then there's badvertising, promotions so awful they make you cringe. We saw a lot of the latter at Comic-Con 2011. We've rounded up the best of the worst advertisements, for your enjoyment. More »

Why is Bill Condon directing two Twilight movies?

Bill Condon is one of the greatest living directors, on the strength of Gods and Monsters, Kinsey and Dreamgirls. So why on Earth would he choose to film the ultra-weird conclusion to Stephenie Meyer's paranormal soap opera Twilight? More »

NASA spacecraft discovers a sinister face hidden on the Sun

The Solar Dynamic Observatory has captured a lot of fascinating shots of our nearest star, but this might be the kookiest. NASA went through the spacecraft's images of the Sun's surface and a grimacing countenance revealed itself More »

The best comic book news to come out of Comic-Con

Comic-Con yawns out a deluge of news, and it can be a chore to sift through the press releases and panel hubbub. Now that the dust has settled, we present to you 15 comic-related tidbits for your perusal. More »

10 Villains Who Changed Sides (But Stayed Cool)

Everybody knows that villains are cooler than heroes - it's just the way things are. But if a villain hangs around long enough, sometimes he or she gets reformed and joins the good guys. More »

Does this Fringe Comic-Con video contain a clue about what happened to Peter?

Ever since the end of Fringe season three, we've been wondering what's up with Peter Bishop. Does this video which played at the show's Comic-Con panel give a hint? More »

What would Harry Potter look like if he went Anime?

Behold the Boy Who Lived and friends - redrawn with a Manga flavor! An amazing artist named Nakagawa has redrawn the entire gang from Hogwarts with an Anime edge. More »

On True Blood, some like it HOYT!

Whoa-ho-ho there, True Blood. Last night delivered the sex fantasies out the wazoo. Let's take a ride on Jason Stackhouse's pansexual odyssey and visit Eric's handsome dreams in the wardrobe (a.k.a. Viking Vampire Narnia). We break it down, Pro/Con style. More »

Man Who Vowed to Live Forever Died Over the Weekend

Robert C.W. Ettinger, who famously said that death was for the unprepared and the unimaginative, died on Saturday. But the physics teacher and science fiction writer may be coming back. More »

Sam The Eagle: the First Muppet Avenger

Another muppet parody has been released, showing Sam the Eagle in the rugged, leather Captain America gear. We kind of love these Disney Marvel mash-ups. More »

The Large Hadron Collider is tantalizingly close to finding the Higgs Boson

Once again, there's excitement in the physics community about the possible discovery of the Higgs boson. But this time, it's multiple discoveries...both experiments at the Large Hadron Collider have detected some intriguing possibilities, as has Fermilab's Tevatron. More »

Ancient black hole contains 100,000 Suns worth of water

A distant, hyper-energetic black hole known as a quasar contains the largest reserve of water in the known universe, equivalent to 140 trillion times the water on Earth. More »