GOODBYE COMIC-CON | Comic-Con ended with a bang — here's our coverage from the final day. Illustration from The Darkest Hour concept art

First trailer for Avatar: The Legend of Korra shows off the new steampunk metropolis

Here it is, the first ever trailer for the brand new Avatar series featuring Korra, a hotheaded member of the Southern Water Tribe. Take a look at the growth of the four nations, 70 years after the Avatar reign of Ang. More »

Watch the first clips from Fall's Doctor Who episodes!

Here's a "sizzle reel" for the second half of Doctor Who season six that we just watched at San Diego Comic Con. Including our first look at Adolf Hitler! More »

Knights of Badassdom footage shows off Peter Dinklage's drugged up, double sword wielding LARPer

Last night's Knights of Badassdom panel didn't just unveil the movie's trailer; we also got to see a clip showcasing Peter Dinklage's fake sword-fighting prowess. More »

Marvel releases first concept art for The Avengers' Hulk!

Stare into the green face of Mark Ruffalo!. Marvel has just released the first ever concept art for The Incredible Hulk for their next comic book blockbuster The Avengers, along with an amazing poster with all six Avengers assembled! More »

We ask the creators of The Venture Bros. if they'd rather be locked in a room full of cobras or wasps

At Comic-Con, your io9 correspondent received an exclusive, unparalleled look into the psyches of Venture Bros. co-conspirators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick. More »

The Darkest Hour promises aliens who are truly alien

We got a sneak preview of Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov's new production, an alien invasion flick set in Moscow called The Darkest Hour. More »

Cowboys and Aliens will blow you away and make you cry

Jon Favreau introduced the Cowboys and Aliens premiere at Comic-Con last night by telling us that it would be like the surprise Christmas present under the tree that you kept shaking, trying to figure out what was inside. More »

Sneak peeks prove Futurama has saved the funniest bits for last

There are only five episodes remaining to Futurama's sixth season, and we managed to see a lot of them at the show's Comic-Con panel. Including the entirety of an insanely funny anime segment! More »

Joss Whedon wants to write a strong, openly gay male character

It was Joss Whedon versus the fans at his Comic-Con panel, where the writer and director talked Buffy Season Nine, Buffy's impending crossovers with Angel & Faith, and Whedon's desire to write a strong gay male character. More »

See the first ever cast photos for Snow White and the Huntsman!

Snow White and the Huntsman is still days away from shooting, but the Comic-Con panel revealed these photos of stars Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, and Sam Claflin, plus they confirmed which badass Brits are playing the movie's dwarfs. More »

Brand-new Lost footage reveals that the Man In Black's name is Barry

At Comic-Con, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse interrupted a Lost retrospective panel to unveil startling new footage of how the Man in Black and Jacob manipulated the fates of the survivors. More »

First 2 clips from the new ThunderCats cartoon include swordplay and feline cuteness

Yesterday, Comic-Con saw the first two clips from the ThunderCats reboot - including the young Lion-O brandishing his sword and getting powered up with lightning and red-eyed glory. More »