Back when George Lucas and company made the original Star Wars trilogy, they had to build everything from scratch — all the sets, all the models. And a new book, Star Wars: The Blueprints, gives you all the schematics.

Want to see more? We've got some exclusive spreads from the book to share with you. And we've also got the exclusive first heads up on a contest to win your own copy of this $500 book. Don't let envy lead to fear, leading to hatred — get your own copy of this book right here.


When we posted some images from this book a while back, people were pretty excited. So we're stoked to be able to share some more images exclusively with you, focusing on the Imperial Bunker in Return of the Jedi. Here they are — click to enlarge, or right-click and select "open link in new tab":

Want to get your own copy of this massive 35-pound book — without spending $500? Enter the giveaway contest. All of the rules are here. In a nutshell, though, all you have to do is like Epic Ink Books on Facebook, or follow Epic Ink Books on Twitter. One or the other. And then fill out the form at this link. The deadline is this Sunday at midnight.


A winner will be contacted on July 29, to arrange shipping of the book on or after Sept. 15.

Want to see more of this book? Go to the Epic Ink Books booth at San Diego Comic-Con, at 2913-Y, in the Lucasfilm Star Wars Pavilion.