If you've ever wished you could use "sonic" as a verb — or be as swashbuckling a gadgeteer as the mysterious time-traveling Doctor and his friends — then this is your lucky day.

Quantum Mechanix is unveiling a series of Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers, designed by the actual Doctor Who propmaker, Nick Robatto, at San Diego Comic-Con. (And Nick will be there at Comic-Con, next to the lifesize TARDIS at the QMX booth!) There's also a new line of "Little Whovian Monsters," starting with some mini Weeping Angels. We've got the first exclusive look right here.


(Note: If any of the images are squished, just hit "refresh." Click any image to enlarge, or right-click and select "open in new tab.")

We've featured some of Quantum Mechanix's amazing prop replicas, toys and posters many times before, but this might be the coolest line yet — in large part, thanks to the involvement of Doctor Who's actual propmaker in the sonic screwdriver toys. Note: These are all previews, and QMX has not yet determined a price or ship date for any of these items.

The sonic featured above is Matt Smith's sonic screwdriver, as close as you'll ever get to owning the one that Smith himself uses.


And here are some looks at the River Song sonic screwdriver, in case you need to be able to fix a machine, or upload your consciousness to cyberspace:

And here's the Master's laser screwdriver:

And then there's the Little Whovian Monsters toy line. The first to be introduced are the Weeping Angels:

The next toy to be introduced in the monster line will be the World War II Dalek, from "Victory of the Daleks" — complete with a nice cup of tea! Here are a couple of images of this toy, which is still only a prototype and subject to change:

Separately, QMX just unveiled a super-accurate, ridiculously detailed artisan replica of the refitted Enterprise 1701, as seen in the first three Star Trek movies. You can check it out at the link, but be aware it costs almost $5,000.