NEVER GOING HOME | Hope you weren't planning on using that planet any time soon. "Blown to Bits," concept art by Gucken on Deviant Art.

Secrets of Another Earth, the Science Fiction Movie that Rocked Sundance

Chances are, you've been hearing about Another Earth for months. It's the science fiction film with the tiny budget that wowed Sundance and won the Sloane Award. It's the introspective movie with a huge concept. It's a triumph of storytelling over razzle-dazzle. More »

Confirmed: All non-African people are part Neanderthal

The evidence has been mounting for years that early humans and Neanderthals interbred, but now it's pretty much a certainty. Part of the X chromosome found in people from outside Africa originally comes from our Neanderthal cousins. More »

The official Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer gives us a glimpse of Bane versus Batman!

It debuted in front of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 this weekend, and now the real deal trailer has popped up on Facebook. Check out Jim Gordon looking worse for wear and Bane glowering. More »

Baby Voldemort toy is the most horrifying thing to come out of the Harry Potter world

Potter Babies! One skilled newborn babydoll artist has made ultra-realistic versions of Harry Potter characters as newborns. Behold the twisted limbs of baby Dobby, the furry face of Baby Remus Lupin, and stare into the snake eyes of Baby Voldemort! More »

How a Debut Novelist Sold a Book About the Battle Between Two Invincible Spaceships

Who says giant, thrilling space opera is dead? British author John Love just sold his debut novel, Faith, to Nightshade Books, and it has a huge widescreen premise that sounds like the perfect mix of space battles and politics. More »

Watch Avery Brooks tell William Shatner why he had to be the Captain on Deep Space 9

We've got an exclusive clip from the documentary The Captains, which follows William Shatner as he interviews every single captain from the Star Trek universe. More »

Explorers discover 3 billion-year-old life forms off the coast of Michigan

In mysterious sinkholes beneath the waters of Lake Huron, scientists have been exploring strange pockets of life that shouldn't exist on present-day Earth. More »

The 25 Easy Rules of Comic-Con Etiquette

Comic-Con may look like a four-day saloon brawl of geek culture, but know that there's a well-defined code of conduct designed to make everyone's experience optimally enjoyable. More »

Movie trailers are becoming a crashing bore

Lately, you know you've seen a movie trailer when you've heard the sound of a guy beating a late-model Subaru into scrap metal with the blunt side of a pickaxe. The pounding gets faster and faster until it culminates in a piercing shriek or a super loud crash. This is the trailergasm - and it's getting mighty boring. More »

The real reason Captain America doesn't punch Hitler in his new movie

Since it became clear that the cinematic Cap would be taking on the Red Skull and his terrorist organization HYDRA, people have asked why he isn't just fighting the Nazis themselves. More »

Ten Alternate Earths

Everybody knows about the multiverse, where there are an infinite number of realities that our heroes can visit using the power of their minds or whirly light technology. More »

Visit Rome, see the statue of Superman and Batman's foreplay

Here's another smash hit from the annals of the World's Finest Slash Fiction Art. At Rome's Villa Borghese gardens, you can stroll through the arbors and meditate on a sculpture of Batman readying his body for the Last Love of Krypton. More »

Lasers reveal the scientific basis for sparkly vampires?

A recent scientific discovery reveals a remarkable similarity between vampires and diamonds - other than the fact that they both seem, currently, to be a girl's best friend. More »

The first ever clip from the second season of The Walking Dead

AMC has released the first clip from the new season of The Walking Dead, and it's a doozy. Watch as Rick Grimes whacks away the last bit of humanity inside of himself - by crushing a few "geeks" with a rock! More »