You would not want to get on the wrong side of this robot gunslinger and his pet rattlesnake — or it would end very badly for you. This is "The Rustslinger," one of two great new robot sculptures from Vincent Villafranca.

We've been fans of Villafranca's science fiction and fantasy sculptures for a long time, but these might be our favorites. "The Rustslinger" is a newly completed piece that Villafranca is hoping to bring to Worldcon in Reno next month. Here's another look at it:

Another new piece is "The Inquisitive Nomad," which is debuting this weekend as part of a robot art show at the Norman Rockwell Museum called Robot Nation. That show will also feature a lovely painting called "Stanley The Robot" by artist James Gurney. Here are a few good looks at "The Inquisitive Nomad":