Everybody knows that evil is more beautiful and alluring than good — that's why it's so hard to choose good. But to prove it, check out a collection of lovely Art Nouveau posters of science fiction and fantasy's greatest villains.

Last week, we brought you a gallery of Art Nouveau heroes, so now we're bringing balance to the art force. (Also, in case you missed it, yesterday we had some great Art Nouveau Firefly prints, too.)

dARTh NOUVEAU by sebasebi at deviantART

Gotham Sirens by Mark Brooks at deviantART

Emma Frost by Mark Brooks via Fashion and Action

Sorciere by chill07 at deviantART

Nouveau Labyrinth poster by janey-jane at deviantART

Aliens Poster by Samuel Ho

Art Nouveau - Sinestro by eleganceliberty at deviantART

Phoenix Nouveau by Trish2 at deviantART

Star Trek: First Contact by Ken Taylor at Mondo

Wrath of the Baroness by bandeau at deviantART

Cat Woman by Lily McDonnell

Dex-Starr Du Chat Rouge by dauntingfire at dauntingfire.deviantart.com

Loki Laufeyson by Tina Olah at kittensoft.deviantart.com

Poison Ivy by Lily McDonnell

Mystique by Megan Lara

Phoenix by Megan Lara

Catwoman.Colors by Michael John Katsillis at deviantART

Harley Quinn - fancy dress by shoomlah at deviantART

Magneto by Chris Kawagiwa at cghub.com

Art Nouveau Ivy by Allison Sohn at comicartfans.com

Art Nouveau Voldemort by Dafna Friedenriech at Elfwood

MODOK Au Nouveau by John Beatty via March MODOK Madness

Mucha Poison Ivy by noreni at deviantART

Rise of the Purebloods by Karen Hallion at society6.com

All Hail MODOK in Toga nouveau by Jennifer Chasteen at www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=110853&GSub=15324

Transformers 3 by Jesse Phillips at Mondo