DALEK PHOTO OP | Four generations of Daleks recreate the classic shot of the Daleks invading London from 1965, in a publicity shot for the Doctor Who Experience. (via Doctor Who TV)

July Books Bring Time Travelers, Deadly Internet Memes, and Dancing Dragons

This month, we've got A Song of Ice and Fire's long-awaited fifth installment, Charles Stross' Rule 34, and the latest edition of the Dresden Files, plus time travelers and detectives! More »

How Harry Potter Changed Publishing

The Boy Who Lived also helped breathe new life into the struggling publishing industry. Even before Harry Potter became one of the most successful movie heroes of all time, the Potter books were turning countless people into readers. More »

Were you, like me, part of a great nutritional experiment?

Parents have always experimented on their children to make them better, even before the idea of genetic engineering was conceived. Perhaps the most basic experiment is making kids better through nutrition - an experiment I expect many people were a part of. More »

New The Thing Trailer: Sheer Freaking Terror, Served Ice Cold

The first full-length trailer for the Thing prequel is here, and it serves up a huge dose of claustrophobia and paranoia, laced with awesome bloody violence. More »

50 glorious screencaps from John Carter offer your first real look at the Tharks!

You've seen the amazing trailer for John Carter — now let's pick apart this alien world, image by image. Stare into the eyes of the green alien beasts from Mars, meet the people of Barsoom and behold the teenaged Edgar Rice Burroughs! More »

This is the first real video of a comet crashing into the Sun

Comets will occasionally come a little too close to the Sun and crash into a fiery oblivion, but until now we had never been able to see it as it happened (though there have been some fake comet-smashes-the-sun videos circulating online). More »

A Look at New Hi-Res Photos from The Amazing Spider-Man

This Friday's edition of Entertainment Weekly features Andrew Garfield on the cover and includes new photos from The Amazing Spider-Man. Lo-res pictures from the article hit the internet earlier today, but now the amazing hi-res versions have finally arrived. More »

Sitting is destroying your body

The war on sitting has begun. The view that we're really not designed to stay seated for the entire day has been gathering steam this year, culminating in articles like this on at the New York Times and the ongoing discussions about standing desks over at BoingBoing. More »

10 Fantasy and Science Fiction Copycats that Actually Improved on the Original

Plenty of science fiction and fantasy's most successful works have, er, borrowed somewhat liberally from earlier works. But they've also made some improvements on the works they lifted from. Here are 10 copies that actually improved on the works they were copying. More »

Why astronauts can't whistle in space

Astronauts on a spacewalk cannot whistle. This was discovered on the fly by intrepid astronaut Dan Barry in 1999. Fortunately, it did not affect the mission, but should any astronaut have to call a dog in space, the results would be disastrous. More »

Art Nouveau Firefly Prints: Beautiful Damn Heroes!

Life aboard a Firefly is exciting, dangerous, and occasionally heroic - but nobody would call it glamorous. Leastwise, not until they looked upon these gorgeous Art Nouveau prints celebrating Joss Whedon's beloved space Western, on sale today from Quantum Mechanix. More »

Steven Soderbergh's Contagion trailer proves an epidemic is scarier than monsters

We already hoped Steven Soderbergh's Contagion would be fantastic, just on the strength of movies like Traffic. But the first trailer is out, and... holy crap. More »