You've seen the amazing trailer for John Carter — now let's pick apart this alien world, image by image. Stare into the eyes of the green alien beasts from Mars, meet the people of Barsoom and behold the teenaged Edgar Rice Burroughs!

1866, the year Edgar Rice Burroughs discovers his "Uncle John Carter's" journals. Yes, ERB wrote himself into the story, and it's awesome. He's later told (in the journals by Carter) not to publish the journal for another 21 years. Here's your first look at Andrew Stanton's vision of 1866.

And here he is: Edgar Rice Burroughs played by Daryl Sabara (a seriously gifted actor).

First glance at Carter in the rain — a possible flashback?

ERB holds an old-timey picture of Taylor Kitsch as John Carter. Presumably while rooting through Carter's things. (You can see some interesting Mars-esque jar to the left!) Also, interesting side note: Carter was a Confederate Captain in the Civil War.

Cut to Carter waking up on Mars! How did he get there? Well, we don't want to spoil everything for you, but, after the war he moves to the Southwest looking for gold. Through a series of unfortunate events, he ends up trapped in a cave, smoked out by a bunch of unfriendly locals. Right before you think it's curtains for Carter, he wakes up on Mars.

Waking up.


Martian Plants!

More Mars.

We really love that director Andrew Stanton tried to used real places with tiny Photoshop tweaks to build a believable Mars.

First look at Matai Shang (Mark Strong) in his robes with John Carter. Matai is a BIG character in the second book, but was one of the very few things from the second book that was introduced in this film, according to our edit bay visit. He's also the leader of the Holy Therns. Also check out the banner to the left — is that the Zodrangas?

The chambers of Dejah Thoris played by Lynn Collins (X-Men Origins: Wolverine).


Dejah in a very fancy dress.

Dejah and John survey the wreckage of a destroyed Martian town. Also wearing casual Barsoom clothes — this is about as naked as it's going to get, people.

Dejah and John in their sneaky battle wear.

Dejah lights up the floor.

John Carter readies for the oncoming battle, but who are they fighting?

A pack of Thoat-riding Tharks? Say that 5 times fast.

Martian, ship front (but wait keep watching).

Martian ship middle.

Martian ship tail, with the Zodranga flag flying in the back!

A Helium ship, with two blue banners from the citizens of Helium on each side.

Carter's crappy Earth home, with chickens!

Writing the infamous journals ERB will later inherit.

Carter's drawing of Dejah. Who wants to put money Disney releases the Journals with Carter's drawings and scribbles as a nicely produced book?

An intimate moment. Also check out Dejah's awesome Mars tatt. Everyone has lots and lots of red tattoos.

ERB reappears and steps in front of...

...a door with the words Inter Mundos on it, which in Latin means "between the worlds." Is this the gateway to Mars?

But now more fighting. Carter whips around the chain he was shackled with!

And he is piiiiisssed.

Back on Earth, a group of Civil War cowboys chase down a terrified Carter.

See? Terrified.

Dejah' is face-to-thark-face with Sola, a very important female Thark played by Samantha Morton. Also, this is your first look at the Thark race — what do you think?

Back to the battle, Carter is ready to show off what happens when an Earthling is on Mars: superpowers! In the books, Carter gains a lot of strength from the lower-than-accustomed gravity. This is a great demonstration of his new abilities to leap very, very far. Running jump.

And air!

Even more air!

Warrior wear. I'd love to see these two recreate the infamous Carter painting with Tars Tarkas, but in these outfits.

Phobos and Deimos (my guess). Also, speaking of Tars Tarkas, in this scene you can hear the voice of Willem Dafoe (who plays TT) and he says, "When I saw you, I believed it was a sign that something new can come into this world." He's talking about when he first met Carter, and how he longs for a different life for himself and his people.