Life aboard a Firefly is exciting, dangerous, and occasionally heroic — but nobody would call it glamorous. Leastwise, not until they looked upon these gorgeous Art Nouveau prints celebrating Joss Whedon's beloved space Western, on sale today from Quantum Mechanix.

We're super excited to bring you the exclusive first look at these stunning posters — including a Comic-Con exclusive!


Just last Friday, we were celebrating the loveliness of Art Nouveau heroes, when by coincidence we got the heads up about this gorgeous collection of Firefly posters.

The posters featuring the four female members of the Serenity family will be on sale soon from Quantum Mechanix. But the fifth poster, featuring Mrs. Mal Reynolds — aka Saffron — will only be for sale at Comic-Con. So if you want the complete set, you'll have to hustle!


Check out the posters below — if the images look squished, just hit "refresh" and that should solve the problem. [Quantum Mechanix Firefly Store]