LLEH HAEY! | Zatanna saves John Constantine from a nasty demon.

Let's grade cinema and TV's unheralded wizard battles

We've all seen Voldemort duke it out with Dumbledore and Saruman slapping Gandalf silly, but there are plenty more brawling mages deserving of our scrutiny. Here are some magic beat-em-ups, rated purely by the whims of yours truly. More »

What if Harry Potter took place in America?

This morning, the io9 offices received a mysterious box that smelled faintly of owl spoor. When we opened it, we were shocked to receive a leaked chapter of J.K. Rowling's reboot of the Harry Potter series that was specifically tailored to American audiences. More »

The Most Hilariously Wrong Spoilers for George R.R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons

The internet recently flooded with spoilers for George R.R. Martin's latest tome, A Dance With Dragons. Some of these were dead-on accurate, like a dwarf with a crossbow. More »

The greatest wizard fight ever committed to film

Though there are many great wizard battles in cinema, only one stands out in my mind as embodying everything that wizarding represents. I'm speaking of the great, bizarre battle between the good and evil wizards (Vincent Price and Boris Karloff, respectively) in Roger Corman's 1963 classic The Raven. More »

Ten Wizards Who Found Themselves In Science Fiction Stories

Sometimes you have a perfectly acceptable science fictional universe - full of science, and probably space travel or far-future worlds - and then a wizard just plops down right in the middle of it. More »

10 Fantasy Sagas That Are Wronger Than Twilight

Soon enough we'll get to see how legendary director Bill Condon brings to life the incredibly messed-up conclusion to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga. Chances are, we're in for one of the all-time great "did I just see that?" scenes. More »

Check out Peter Jackson's new video blog from the set of The Hobbit

After teasing us with his first vlog (I hate that word) from Tolkienesque New Zealand, Peter Jackson's posted a new clip jam-packed with cinematic goodies. More »

Massive, Easter Egg-filled map of Game Of Thrones' Seven Kingdoms

Check out this amazing illustrated map of the seven kingdoms of Westeros - riddled with crests, beasts and heaps and heaps of amazing spoilers. More »

The Lost Harry Potter Character You Never Got to Meet

Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves, who penned every single Potter movie except one, shares with us the character he created for the movies, who never made it onto the screen. More »

10 Performances that Elevated Fantasy Movies to Classic Status

There are a lot of movies that succeed because they have terrific imagination, plotting, dialog, and story. And then there are movies that are decent but not special, until one performer lifts them up and makes them shine. Take a look at ten hit-making performances in fantasy. More »

George R.R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons: Worth The Wait

This Tuesday, the years of anticipation will be over, and the fifth book in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series will finally be here. So does A Dance with Dragons live up to the near-insurmountable hype? Yes. More »

What if the Harry Potter films got the Criterion Collection treatment?

If J.K. Rowling's boy wizard got all dolled up for a Criterion Collection release, these charming mock-ups by Patrick Sullivan - who made these for his senior portfolio at Cooper Union - would make for excellent stylistic inspiration. More »

Why do so many former cyberpunk authors now write dark fantasy?

Cyberpunk has fallen from its peak in the 1980s and early 1990s, but the great cyberpunk authors are still writing. And many of them have turned to fantasy. Why is this? More »

The entire plot of Harry Potter on a single poster

Cartoonist Lucy Knisley has finished her Harry Potter poster project, summarizing the series in eight comic posters poking loving fun at the books. She's also amassed one mega-poster with the entire synopsis. More »

10 Characters that Game of Thrones season two could leave out

There were two miracles about Game of Thrones season one: that it was so true to the book, and that it was so brilliant on its own terms. For season two, the show will have to choose one miracle. More »