We've seen a lot of Silver Age stupidity from Superman comics, but they pale in comparison to Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #26. When Lois is hit by a mad scientist's weight-gain ray, Superman goes into insufferable sexist prick mode.

When the ray's full effects cause Lois to gain weight, she must borrow dresses from her zaftig neighbor. You'll never believe where she shops!

So apparently Lois is forced to join a carpool of large ladies now? As my dad once told me, "I can't see why everyone's nostalgic for the 1950s. People in the Fifties were assholes." Superman included, Pa. Superman included. EDIT: This came out in 1961. Whatever, still assholes.

Fuck off, Jimmy.

Lois thinks Superman doesn't know about her dilemma...

...BUT HE TOTALLY DOES. That's it, I'm only buying Shazam comics from now on.

WAIT, HE ORCHESTRATED THIS WHOLE STUNT? If I were the mayor of Metropolis, I would mandate that Superman receive a chemical castration. What color Kryptonite has that effect?


This deranged sexist claptrap was brought to you by Otto Binder and Kurt Schaffenberger. You can read it in full over at Grantbridge Street (NSFW).

[Spotted on Super Punch]