WEEKLY ROUNDUP: 7/3 - 7/9 | "Time Trials" by Fernando Reza for Crazy 4 Cult 5.

Zookeeper is a horror movie about evolutionary biology

Everybody knows that talking-animal movies are really about the human condition. Marmaduke, Cats & Dogs, Yogi Bear... they all reflect human personalities filtered through the lens of silly animal stereotypes. More »

Taiwan's funeral strippers dance for a dead crowd

Should you meet your demise in Taiwan, a funerary option open to you is the Electric Flower Car (EFC), a wheeled, neon-lit platform upon which pulchritudinous women strip down to their skivvies for the benefit of audiences...both living and deceased. More »

With Miracle Day, Torchwood becomes first-rate science fiction about ideas

There's seldom been an hour of television that brought up as many fascinating ideas about the nature of humanity as Torchwood: Miracle Day's first episode, which just aired. More »

When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers created a 200-acre, scale model of the Mississippi River Basin

In 1936, after nearly two decades of devastating floods in the Mississippi River Basin, Congress passed the Flood Control Act, which funneled over $300 million into dams and other projects that engineers hoped would prevent millions from losing their homes in the next flood. More »

30 Years of the Space Shuttle Program in Pictures

With today's last Space Shuttle flight, we've reached the end of an era in American space exploration. In this gallery, we look back on 30 years of the Space Shuttle program. More »

George R.R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons: Worth The Wait

This Tuesday, the years of anticipation will be over, and the fifth book in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series will finally be here. So does A Dance with Dragons live up to the near-insurmountable hype? Yes. More »

Sex evolved to prevent parasite infections, say scientists

Sexual reproduction that involves two partners is far less efficient than self-fertilization - at least, from the perspective of evolution. So why did creatures like humans ever start having sex with each other? More »

Is Scientology the world's fastest-growing religion?

Scientology has never been more high-profile than in the past several years, thanks to celebrity adherents like Tom Cruise. More »

2011: The Year Television Owns Comic-Con

When Doctor Who descended on San Diego Comic-Con in 2009, the British time-travelling juggernaut brought along megastar David Tennant and producer Russell T. Davies. But Comic-Con still stuck the Doctor in Ballroom 20, the smaller hall where television shows go. This year, the show's bringing Matt Smith and Karen Gillan - and it's getting a spot in Hall H, the giant 6,000-seat auditorium where the big studios show off their movies. More »

10 science fiction cartoons that didn't make it past one episode

Woe to be an animated series that only makes it to one episode (or worse, a rinky-dink promo reel) before being consigned to the dustbin. More »

Massive, Easter Egg-filled map of Game Of Thrones' Seven Kingdoms

Check out this amazing illustrated map of the seven kingdoms of Westeros - riddled with crests, beasts and heaps and heaps of amazing spoilers. More »

Mothman: An Exposé

A bizarre creature terrorized a town in West Virginia in 1966 and 1967, leering at locals with glowing red eyes, flying over their cars and causing radiation burns and even the collapse of a major bridge over the Ohio River. More »

You wish you grew up in this Ewok Village bedroom

The coolest parents in the history of the world asked artist Michael LaRiccia to paint a gorgeous Star Wars mural, depicting a village of Ewoks descending on their baby. More »

Cryptid Or Not? You Be The Judge.

We've gotten a lot of great cryptid photos from people trying to win our Cryptid Summer bounty, and even some video. Here are a few of the pictures people have sent us over the past two weeks. More »

Why does the naked mole rat live 3 decades longer than other rodents, and never get cancer?

The naked mole-rat lives for thirty years - compared to 1-2 years for other rodents - and we've never found any evidence that it can get cancer. Now we're peeking inside its genome to figure out what makes it special. More »