Cartoonist Lucy Knisley has finished her Harry Potter poster project, summarizing the series in eight comic posters poking loving fun at the books. She's also amassed one mega-poster with the entire synopsis. Behold the "Sumharry!"

We showed you the first two posters in Knisley's series last fall when she launched the poster project. Now Knisley has completed eight posters for the seven books (just as Book Seven gets two movies, it gets two posters) in addition to the Sumharry. Printer-quality files of the posters are available for download. Knisley has been barred from selling the latter posters, but if you do decide to download them, consider leaving her a donation. You might also consider buying a copy of her comic "Here at Sowmoles" (formerly "Here at Hogwarts") about her trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park.

OMGRYFFINDOR [Lucy Knisley's LiveJournal]
Download the Posters [The Burrow Studio]


The Sumharry

Book Four


Book Five

Book Six


Book Seven, Part One