FINAL JOURNEY | The Space Shuttle Atlantis takes off on its final mission to the final frontier.

Could Bloodrayne III: The Third Reich be Uwe Boll's masterpiece?

Vampire Hitler attacks Rayne, the sexy young half-vampire heroine, in a crazy-pants dream sequence from Bloodrayne: The Third Reich. Yes, Uwe Boll's World War II epic is out on DVD, and it's chock full of crazy. More »

Everything You Need to Know about Torchwood

Torchwood is reborn tomorrow night, as a big-budget co-production with the American cable network Starz. But with three seasons of this British science fiction show already out there, what do you need to know to enjoy it? More »

The bizarre mathematical conundrum of Ulam's Spiral

If there's anything we learn from math teachers and the Da Vinci Code, it's that prime numbers are magic. They can do anything, and be anywhere. Including a doodle on a math paper. More »

Genetic evidence reveals that polar bears originally came from Ireland

Every polar bear alive today shares a common maternal ancestor, and it isn't even a bear from the same species. Their mitochondrial DNA reveals a 100,000 year story of interbreeding and hybridization...and the story is far from over. More »

59,927,225 reasons why nobody truly understands what Transformers is about

It's not actually Michael Bay's fault that the Transformers movies make no sense. More »

George R.R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons: Worth The Wait

This Tuesday, the years of anticipation will be over, and the fifth book in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series will finally be here. So does A Dance with Dragons live up to the near-insurmountable hype? Yes. More »

Sex evolved to prevent parasite infections, say scientists

Sexual reproduction that involves two partners is far less efficient than self-fertilization - at least, from the perspective of evolution. So why did creatures like humans ever start having sex with each other? More »

10 Characters that Game of Thrones season two could leave out

There were two miracles about Game of Thrones season one: that it was so true to the book, and that it was so brilliant on its own terms. For season two, the show will have to choose one miracle. More »

Mothman: An Exposé

A bizarre creature terrorized a town in West Virginia in 1966 and 1967, leering at locals with glowing red eyes, flying over their cars and causing radiation burns and even the collapse of a major bridge over the Ohio River. More »

The Art of Pirate Geoengineering

Sometimes things go wrong. You make an ocean on the Moon, it sublimates too fast, and you're left with a tanker rotting on regolith. But there's still a beauty in it. More »

Did Futurama get the Banach-Tarski Paradox right?

The Banach-Tarski Dupla-Shrinker recently made an appearance on an episode of Futurama. Using it, Bender got to make two, slightly smaller, copies of himself. More »