SNOWBALL'S CHANCE IN A DINOSAUR FIGHT | Dinosaurs battle in the snow, in a scene from The Great Dinosaur Escape, airing tomorrow night on National Geographic. Details here.

What the Creators of Torchwood: Miracle Day Promise You'll See

Torchwood: Miracle Day starts airing in a couple days on Starz, and we have pretty high expectations for the Doctor Who spin-off. But when the show's creators spoke to us on a conference call, they only raised our hopes further. More »

Cryptid Or Not? You Be The Judge.

We've gotten a lot of great cryptid photos from people trying to win our Cryptid Summer bounty, and even some video. Here are a few of the pictures people have sent us over the past two weeks. More »

At Last, the First Image from Joss Whedon's The Cabin in the Woods

Well this is promising! It's been a long time since we've seen anything about the Joss Whedon film The Cabin in the Woods, co-written and directed by Drew Goddard. More »

Why a Supervillain Team-Up Could Be DC's Best Answer to The Avengers

DC Comics may never build a movie universe to rival Marvel's. We may never even get our Justice League movie to match Marvel's Avengers. But there's one thing DC can do better than anyone: supervillain team-ups. More »

A medieval monument to religious pluralism, hidden in the mountains of Afghanistan

One of the great wonders of the medieval world is a very tall, heavily ornamented minaret nestled in a green valley at the edge of the Jam river in what is now Afghanistan. More »

Man hands ape an AK-47. Hilarity and/or death ensues!

Here's an exclusive first look at the latest Planet of the Apes viral video. It's a pretty fantastic "uncovered scientific study" of a chimp shooting an AK-47 at a pack of idiotic dudes. More »

You know you need these Millennium Falcon sneakers

Over at Fashionably Geek, Sean Fallon offers a sneak peek at Addidas' fall/winter Star Wars collection. There are jackets and sneaks, and they look pretty awesome. More »

2011: The Year Television Owns Comic-Con

2011 is the year that television dominates Comic-Con. While movie studios are staying away from Comic-Con, television shows are making a bigger impact than ever. More »

10 science fiction cartoons that didn't make it past one episode

Woe to be an animated series that only makes it to one episode (or worse, a rinky-dink promo reel) before being consigned to the dustbin. Here are 10 canned cartoons we can watch thanks to the magics of YouTube. More »

Is Apple using its mountains of cash to build a time machine?

People have ascribed all sorts of paranormal abilities to Steve Jobs... but could he have spurred Apple to create a time machine? More »

The story of a cat and two humans, trying to survive in post-apocalyptic, underwater Brooklyn

Fathoms is a 20 minute film that captures the sad whimsy of life on a salvage ship, roaming the drowned subways of Brooklyn. Environmental meltdown has left most of Earth underwater. More »

Watch 9 clips from the last Harry Potter movie ever!

Only a couple more weeks, and the Harry Potter series will have ended entirely in a winner-takes-all magical war. But for now, take in the very last new collection of Potter clips you'll ever see. More »