Fathoms is a 20 minute film that captures the sad whimsy of life on a salvage ship, roaming the drowned subways of Brooklyn. Environmental meltdown has left most of Earth underwater. We follow the story of a cat named Hippo and his two humans, Sam and Evan, are surviving in the remains of New York, living in a salvage submarine and scavenging what the can from subway tunnels, submerged brownstones, and the nearly-sunk penthouses of Manhattan.

Now filmmaker Joe Russ is looking for a little cash to finish the film with 3D rendering, and polish up the production. He's sent us a gallery incredible concept art from the film.

On Kickstarter, Russ describes Fathom like this:

The ice caps have melted. The air is filled with a poisonous smog. No land. No safety. Sam and Evan, along with their rescued cat, Hippo, pilot the scavenger Arken, a salvaging submarine. Together, they search the endless seas for organic life and raw materials to help rebuild their world.

Sam is still holding onto her past, trying to stay ever hopeful in the face of a ever darker reality. Evan, like a father, is trying to keep them safe and ever moving forward. Hippo has no idea what's going on...he's just a cat!

The suspense, mystery, and struggle unfolds in FATHOMS!

Click to view There are also some very personal touches in the way Russ designed the world of Fathoms. He told io9 in email:

I've made the underwater stuff a kind of personal easter egg...I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and a lot of the things I've made are from my neighborhood (my old brownstone apartment) and my daily commute (the 7th Avenue Q train, the Manhattan bridge)...so there is a mix of the familiar (old) and the alien (new).

Russ is hoping to raise $7,500 to finish off the film.

You can donate to Fathoms via Kickstarter