io9 Roundup: 7/4 | Valley Forge Hulk wishes you a happy Fourth of July. Artwork by Herb Trimpe via 1976's Mighty Marvel Bicentennial Calendar.

Pigeons are completely incapable of forgetting a human face

It turns out crows aren't the only birds with fiendishly powerful memories. Pigeons are also capable of spontaneously remembering which humans mistreated them, and even an attempt to disguise the identity of their one-time abuser can't fool them. More »

Watch the Nostromo from Alien get rebuilt after decades of neglect

After sitting outside for 20 years, the spaceship model of the Nostromo from Alien was in rough shape. Hell, an entire possum skeleton was discovered in its interior. More »

Read Patton Oswalt's rejected pitches for Batman comics

Comedian Patton Oswalt's penned Batman and the Justice League before, but not all of his superheroic stories were accepted by DC Comics. Oswalt recently posted two rejected Batman pitches from a few years back on his blog. More »

If only Transformers: Dark of the Moon was as good as its concept art

Transformers: Dark of the Moon may not have been our huckleberry, but the film's concept artists did an exemplary job drafting legion upon legion of stab-happy robots. More »

A year's worth of beautiful time-lapse photography of the southern sky

This beautiful video took over a year to put together in 2009 and 2010, and it's made up of over 30 hours of exposure. More »

10 of the most epic science fictional dolphins

Dolphins have been a popular plot device since the time of Flipper, but scifi has long had a particular fondness for them. Some are awesome; others verge on utterly ridiculous. More »

What does dark energy mean for the end of the universe?

Dark energy is perhaps the most mysterious thing in the cosmos, and yet it accounts for 73% of the observable universe. What's more, the amount of dark energy seems to be increasing...and that could ultimately rip apart the entire universe. More »

Supersonic Man = a Eurodisco Superman with no budget

Do you wish Superman had a moronically catchy Eurodance song that blasted from the heavens whenever he took flight? If you answered in the affirmative, you'll go gonzo for Juan Piquer Simon's 1980 superhero flick Supersonic Man. More »

What's the difference between slavery and symbiosis?

The most interesting part of Falling Skies, so far, is the relationship between the Skitters and the children they've taken captive. And the more we learn about the harnessed children, the more interesting they get. More »

Fall in love with bugs through Tiffany Bozic's science art paintings

Tiffany Bozic is a San Francisco-based artist who will make you fall in love with a rhino beetle. We talked to her about her techniques, as well as bridging the worlds of science and art. More »