io9 Weekend Roundup: 7/2 - 7/3 | A scene from the Stars Wars x Adidas Fall/Winter 2011 lookbook (via Super Punch)

If Pac-Man was a terrifying real world car chase, it would look like this

Not Working Films has re-envisioned the arcade classic Pac-Man as a ride down a bleak stretch of highway. It's like if Namco directed Vanishing Point — the only Pac-aphernalia more surreal than this is the 1982 Pac-Man Christmas Album. More »

Was the Millennium Falcon found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea?

On June 19, maritime treasure hunters - who were looking for priceless submerged hooch in shipwrecks - discovered a 60-meter-diameter circle 87 meters under the Baltic Sea. More »

From The Walking Dead to time travel: Robert Kirkman discusses his new project, The Infinite

Comic scribe Robert Kirkman's most famous for penning The Walking Dead, and now he's teaming up with X-Force promulgator Rob Liefeld for The Infinite, a time-hopping scifi comic. Kirkman recently told io9 about crafting this tale of two Roberts. More »

Boba Fett walks into Mordor in Star Wars/Lord of the Rings mashup

Epic fantasy and epic space opera collide in Benjamin Collison's digital Star Wars/Lord of the Rings mashup paintings. That Eye of Sauron Death Star is going to haunt my dreams. More »

The water boatman's singing penis makes it the loudest animal in the world

Do I need to tell you any more? Can't we just let that sentence stand, knowing that it's out there, and go on with our lives? No? Okay. Here's some more detail. More »

A speculative world map for A Song of Ice and Fire

HBO's released their version of Westeros earlier this year, but Adam Whitehead of The Wertzone has been pondering the layout for George R.R. Martin's fantastical world for a while now. Here, Whitehead takes a look at the lands beyond Westeros. More »

10 demented moments from the original Transformers cartoon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon may be aggressively stupid, but the film comes from a rich tradition of vehicular robots acting like nutbars. Here are 10 moments from the Generation 1 cartoon that would make HAL shrug in confusion. More »

Weevil beetles have legs that are just like tiny screws

Many kinds of human engineering have biological equivalents - the most famous is probably the ball and socket joint, which is found in car steering columns and human arms alike. The newest and weirdest example is insects with screw-and-nut legs. More »

Comic book TV ads from 1994 were astounding and/or atrocious

To advertise their big relaunch, DC Comics will run television commercials. This isn't the first time a comic publisher's hawked its wares on the air. In the 1990s, DC and Marvel produced fantastically garish customizable spots for local comic stores. More »

In less than 5 minutes, learn how the Northern Lights are formed

Here's a lovely little animation by Per Byhring and the University of Oslo's Department of Physics that explains how aurora borealis lights up the northern climes. More »

Our bellybuttons are home to hundreds of undiscovered species

The Belly Button Biodiversity project recently began taking DNA samples from people's navels to find out what bacteria is living within. Of the roughly 1,400 bacterial strains discovered thus far, at least 662 of them are completely unknown. More »

The hot new performance-enhancing drug is...beetroot juice!?

Athletes have used steroids, amphetamines, hormones, and who knows what else in search of an unnatural advantage, and no sport is more notorious for doping than professional cycling. The newest potential performance-enhancer is safe, legal...and yeah, maybe a little ridiculous. More »

The Borrowers go anime in the English trailer for Studio Ghibli's "Arrietty"

The English trailer for Studio Ghibli's little-people-purloining-stuff film Arrietty has hit the web. Check out Saorise Ronan and Mark Strong lending their voices to pint-sized kleptomanics in Hiromasa Yonebayashi's fantasy flick. More »

Finally, the Monster Thunderdome we've been waiting for — Monster Brawl!

It's Monster Thunderdome! In Monster Brawl, Frankenstein, Witch Bitch, and Kevin Nash enter a monster wrestling match...TO THE DEATH! And if you thought Saw was too light on the "people-doing-horrible-shit-to-each-other" action, have we got a movie for you! More »

How NOT to make a 1960s British sci-fi puppet show

If you've heard people raving about fifty-year-old kiddie shows like Thunderbirds and couldn't understand what all the fuss was about...well, watch this clip from Paul Starr, made by a rival production company. It'll make you appreciate Stingray like never before! More »