GIANT ROBOTS IN FLAMES | Amazing Transformers concept art by Tim Flattery.

Transformers 3 is a movie about how wrong you were to hate Transformers 2

A lot of people paid a lot of money to hate Transformers 2. The movie made enough money for Michael Bay to bathe in the blood of supermodels every hour, for the rest of his life. But people loathed it. So with Transformers 3, Michael Bay has made a movie about how dumb you were to hate Transformers 2. More »

Tyrese Gibson explains why fighting Decepticons gives you PTSD

What happens when you battle giant robots that blow up half the world? For Tyrese Gibson's Transformers character, Epps, it gave him PTSD. We learned how Gibson coped, and why he keeps getting cast in movies about cars. More »

There are robots rioting in Brixton

In 1981, British working class neighborhood Brixton saw an outbreak of rioting in response to several violent episodes between local police and Brixton's black residents. More »

This hugging robot means we're one step closer to doppelgänger sexbots

Meet the Sense-Roid, a touchy mannequin from Japan's University of Electro-Communications. When you don a special tactile jacket and hug this torso, it gropes you right back. More »

Life-sized Transformers statues are scrap metal in disguise

Thai sculptor Yumi Modal builds life-sized (and less than life-sized) Transformers statues that look ready to spring to life. Appropriately, each statue is made from discarded car parts and other scraps of machinery and metal. More »

Dramatic new NASA animation depicts next Mars rover in action

NASA's next Mars rover, the Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory, will soon embark on a quantum leap in humankind's scientific exploration of the Martian surface. More »

This is a Disaster: If the Transformers 3 trailer took on all naysayers

There will come a day in the future where humanity wises up and realizes the brilliance of Sir Michael Bay. I only hope I'm alive to witness it. More »

This real life beer can Transformer would definitely be a Decepticon

Ron Tajima's stealthy beer can robot would have guest-starred in that lost Transformers PSA in which one of Spike's maladjusted friends gives teenage drinking a whirl and ends up getting blotto on laser beams. More »

The Beautiful Romance Between a Girl and Her Robot Companion

There's no greater friendship than the bond between a girl and her robot companion. Girls and robots share a special bond, as they explore the world together. Here's our gallery of the coolest art showing women and their robot friends. More »

How to Make a Terminator Film Without Arnold

Due to some recent indiscretions, Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to pull the plug on his resurrected acting career. Which everybody's assuming means no Terminator 5. But wait - there are plenty of great ways to make a Terminator without Arnie. More »

Optimus Prime turns out to have impeccable comic timing

You don't really think of Optimus Prime as being much of a jokester, but he's actually quite funny in this exclusive clip from Saturday's new episode of Transformers Prime. More »

Japanese university can't stop building robotic babies

Researchers at Osaka University previously brought us Affetto, the disembodied baby head who was supposed to teach us empathy (or something). Now roboticists at Osaka's Hosoda Lab have built Pneuborn-7II and Pneuborn-13, pint-sized robots that emulate infants' movements. More »