WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 6/25 - 6/26 | Computer-animated Ghostbusters by Fabrizio Fioretti.

Doctor Who episodes illustrated as striking posters

Comic book artist Francesco Francavilla is illustrating each episode of the current Doctor Who season, representing each hour as a simple and striking black-and-white image. More »

Sweet Edsel Jesus, there's a Pope Car in Cars 2

Cars 2 has the body of burnished Pixar purdiness, a chassis built of the bleached bones of Geoffrey the Giraffe, and an engine kissed by the Cylon god. In Cars 2, God isn't the cosmic clockmaker; he's the cosmic carburetor. More »

This is a Disaster: If the Transformers 3 trailer took on all naysayers

There will come a day in the future where humanity wises up and realizes the brilliance of Sir Michael Bay. I only hope I'm alive to witness it. Remember: nothing succeeds likes excess. More »

Lifeforce: a film that satisfies all of your naked space vampire needs

In the pantheon of naturist astro-Dracula cinema, very few films outclass Lifeforce. Replete with astronauts behaving like they never graduated middle school and cosmic Nosferatus forgetting their pants, Lifeforce appeals to the galactic Van Helsing in all of us. More »

How do you make an inaudibility cloak?

Metamaterials have been used to make invisibility cloaks. To make an inaudibility cloak, all you need are some sheets of plastic and good mathematical modeling. More »

Watch a Rocketeer fan movie, done up in adorable computer animation

Animator John Banana has created this charming short animation as an homage to Dave Stevens' jetpack-wielding hero. It's cute stuff, and the only thing it's missing is a CG John Locke as Howard Hughes. More »

50 superheroes, represented as the flags of the world

Artist Fabian Gonzalez — who previously depicted robots, superheroes, and supervillains as minimalist rectangles — has now transformed 50 superheroes into global flags. Can you guess them all? I hear that Punisheristan is really balmy this time of year. More »

The list of the 2011 Locus Award winners

Yesterday Locus magazine announced the 2011 Locus Award Winners. Here's the full list, and congrats to all the winners and nominees. More »

LEGO Mordor cannot be reached with plastic eagles

It took 50,000 interlocking bricks, but sculptor Kevin J. Walter was able to recreate Sauron's fortress of Barad-dûr out of LEGOs, presumably to keep out some wee DUPLO Hobbits. You can see more photos at Kevin's Flickr page. More »

New Apollo 18 trailer showcases a bunch of upset astronauts yelling

We don't know exactly why they're forlorn (or why we can't go back to the moon), but the most recent trailer for the found-footage lunar horror flick Apollo 18 certainly does feature some of NASA's finest in crappy moods. More »

Mayflies might just have the saddest, most perfectly evolved existence of any species

Mayflies spend a year awaiting their birth, and then most die after living just one day. Their sole purpose is to pass on their genes, and most never even bother eating...and that's been the status quo for 100 million years. More »

In Mongo Wrestling Alliance, Metalocalypse's Tommy Blacha brings us a world where pro wrestling is reality

Imagine a world in which professional wrestling dynasties carry the same weight as royal families. Such is the standard operating procedure of Metalocalypse co-creator Tommy Blacha's new Adult Swim cartoon Mongo Wrestling Alliance. More »

Laboratory yeast artificially evolve into multicellular organisms

One of the biggest evolutionary hurdles for life on Earth was the jump from single-celled to multi-cellular organisms...or at least, that's what we thought. Scientists set out to replicate this evolutionary leap in laboratory conditions. It took them two months. More »

Is this the roster for DC's new Justice League?

New Jim Lee artwork of DC's revamped Justice League appeared yesterday on superhero cup manufacturer Toon Tumblers' Facebook page. The illustration (which was made for a Comic-Con exclusive cup) may give readers new clues about the team's line-up. More »

The best conspiracy rant you'll hear all day: Ray Kurzweil, DMT, and the clockwork elves

According to professional paranoid yelling man Alex Jones, the government's dosing us with DMT because the clockwork elves are conspiring with Satan and the Large Hadron Collider. Given that io9 is staffed entirely by clockwork elves, he's not off-base. More »