PANDORA'S DARK MATTER | Pandora's Cluster is made up of four separate galaxies that collided over a 350-million-year period. But the cluster mostly consists of super-hot gas (red) and invisible dark matter (blue), a new study by Earthbound and space-borne telescopes proves. Via Hubble.

A Detailed Map Showing all the Mysteries of Fringe

Fringe doesn't come back for another couple months, but we haven't stopped obsessing about that baffling cliffhanger, and all the questions that the show has left us struggling with. More »

Your blood cells are not what they seem

Bioengineers have figured out a new way to deliver cancer-killing drugs to your body. They hide the drugs inside the skins of red blood cells. Literally. The technique worked so well that we have to ask: what else could a clever bioengineer hide inside our red blood cells, to circulate secretly around our bodies? More »

Kermit the Stark? Game of Thrones Muppet posters are made of Win

Westeros gets a lot fuzzier in these amazing Muppet Game of Thrones posters. Looking at Prince Joffrizzo and Tyrion Fozzister is making us rethink a lot of the key moments in the past few episodes. More »

Myths about the Future that Could Ruin Your Life

Nobody knows what the future will bring, but most of us think about the future all the time. Will we succeed in our goals? Will we fail? Will the world fall apart? More »

True Blood Characters Who Still Haven't Had Sex (and Why They Should)

How in Fern Gully porno heaven will True Blood top last year's neck-snapping sex sessions and vampire TV broadcasts? By mixing up the sextation on this show. More »

Aliens, acid trips, and James Brown: the best scenes from Miami Vice's science fiction episode

In 1987, Miami Vice served up "Missing Hours," an episode that's considered to be the worst hour of pastel-soaked cop drama ever created. You wouldn't think Crockett and Tubbs would have an extraterrestrial encounter...but they did. More »

10 Biggest Flops Of Scifi/Fantasy Film, In Illustrated Form

It may surprise you to learn this, but it turns out that "Ten Most Disappointing Movies" lists are surprisingly commonplace. Most of them boil down to "films I liked the least" or "films I heard the most smack-talk about." Here at io9, we consider ourselves above such easy methods. More »

A chronicle of architecture from the lost civilization of Areth

Nobody is sure why the cities, farms, and remote monasteries of the Earthlike planet Areth were abandoned. But the Areth Research Commission is devoted to documenting what it can about Areth civilization, based on the architecture it left behind. More »

These ants use their butts to fly

Some ants crawl to where they want to go. Not this species. They fly, using no wings or sails. They have all they need to fly packed right behind them at all times. More »

Make an ominous beer glass right out of The Prisoner

On the episode of The Prisoner "The Girl Who Was Death," Patrick McGoohan stops by his local pub, only to learn - upon finishing his beer - that his drink's been poisoned. He saves himself by rallying like a champ. More »

David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method brings us scientific rivalries and kinky sex in the steam age

David Cronenberg has created some of the best creepy commentaries on science and pseudoscience out there - from The Brood, about an evil psychiatrist breeding monsters inside his patients, to Scanners, about government scientists experimenting on the brains of homeless people. More »