HAPPY BISON | A lone Bison discovers a tuft of lush grass on an otherwise barren hummock in the middle of Utah's Great Salt Lake. The lakebed has been dry for nearly a decade, but flooding has brought it back to life. Via Earth Science Picture of the Day

Japanese pop group builds a new computerized idol out of its members' faces

The Japanese pop scene has experimented with both hologram stars and up-and-coming robotic idols. Now the producers of the girl mega-group ABK48 have gone and created a synthetic member, Eguchi Aimi, out of the facial features of the existing starlets. More »

Gorgeous photographs of a naked woman taming beluga whales in frozen Arctic waters

Scientists preparing to relocate beluga whales to protected habitats and zoos enlisted the help of Russian diver Natalia Avseenko, who is uniquely able to help these whales get accustomed to human company. More »

The big DC relaunch, summarized as a diagram

Joe Stone previously created family trees for the X-Men, Avengers, and Fantastic Four. Now he's created a diagram depicting the DC relaunch books from most-to-least obscure. More »

Is the rise of wearable electronics finally here?

For decades I've wanted interesting, beautiful, and (sometimes) functional electronics on the most personal geographies of all, myself. When I think of "living in the future," it's what springs to mind: subtle LEDs, lots of polished metal. More »

Why Torchwood Still Rules Television

With just five episodes in the summer of 2009, Torchwood went from a mildly diverting Doctor Who spinoff to a show that could stand alongside Twin Peaks, Fringe and The Prisoner as one of television's great insane rides. Now, after a two-year break, Torchwood is finally coming back. More »

Our eyes are theoretically capable of sensing magnetic fields

Birds, bees, and turtles all possess the ability to navigate by the Earth's magnetic field. Humans might actually possess the exact same magnetism-sensing hardware as these other creatures, as a light-sensitive protein taken from the human eye gave flies magnetovision. More »

Welcome to Singapore's most baffling tourist attraction

Remember the haunted-hayride depths of Daoist Hell? Well, that was a cakewalk compared to Singapore's Haw Par Villa. At this unique bemusement park, you can tour the annals of Chinese mythology, such as the 10 Courts of Chinese Hell. More »

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Star Wars

Star Wars. It's part of our culture. A crucial feature of our lives, like an energy field that binds all living things together. You may think you know everything about this rich universe - but there's always more to learn. More »

In Wednesday's comics, Swamp Thing returns and Spider-Man ponders his own mortality

Wednesday's comics are a Whitman's Sampler of superheroes going through profound life changes that require the guidance of a certified mental health professional. More »

In this eensy-weensy pod house, your car is your living room

We've seen some absurdly tiny houses before, but this 100-square-foot pod home by designer Jon Salerno takes things to new, space-saving levels. You park your 32-square-foot electric car under it and voilà! More »

The easiest math conjecture it took 74 years to prove

The Collatz conjecture is also known as the "3n + 1" problem. It's an easy problem to explain and check, and has been tested up into the nineteen figure range. More »

Shallow Hal Jordan? Read the screenplay for Green Lantern starring Jack Black, and be glad it never happened

You may or may not remember that Jack Black was in line to star in a comedic version of Green Lantern at one point. It turns out the unproduced screenplay is available online, and... it's not very funny. More »