What would Toy Story's leading plastic men look like if they were retooled for grittier, "realistic" action figures? Take a look at "Toy Story Unleashed" a darker new look at our favorite toys.

Inspired from the illustrations of "Real Life Toy Story" by Sean-Izaakse over at Deviant Art (at left), designer Luis Eduardo Vargas Montoya decided to draw up a slightly nastier version of our Toy Story heroes Buzz and Woody. And what he created was this...

Behold "Toy Story Unleashed." Tell us you wouldn't buy these toys for your own playtime. Sure, they look terrifying — but that's the point. Who wouldn't be afraid of Buzz's jawline or Woody's stance? Reach for the sky, indeed. Also, is that a smoke perched in Woody's lips? Or just a lollipop? Here's a few more!

[Luis Eduardo Vargas Montoya's site [via Cartoon Brew]