Yesterday morning in Sofia, Bulgaria, anti-Communist street artists painted over a monument commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Soviet "liberation" (i.e. a Communist coup d'état) of Bulgaria in 1944. Who did they add to the statue? The Joker, among others.

Notes The Sofia Echo:

[T]he inscription below the composition proclaimed it to be "in step with the times" [...] Comic book characters led the way, with The Mask, Batman's nemesis the Joker, Wolverine of X-Men fame, Superman and Captain America all featured, joined by Santa Claus and Ronald McDonald, among others. The flag held by the soldiers was painted in the stars and stripes of the US flag.

Graffiti is apparently a common occurrence on this particular monument, and this latest redesign syncs up with the 2011 Sofia Design Week.

Via Sofia Echo; photos by Julia Lazarova with the exception of the last one, which is by Reuters/Stoyan Nenov. Hat tip to Marc Savoy.