WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 6/18-6/19 | A male jawfish incubates eggs in his mouth. Happy Fathers' Day. Photo by Jim Chambers (via The Scuttlefish).

"Mommy Tummy" pregnancy suit is like a Tamagotchi you strap to your torso

Hey fellas, have you ever fantasized about being Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior? No? Well, if you change your mind, try the Mommy Tummy, a computerized pregnancy simulator built by Japanese researchers. More »

If Game of Thrones was a Super Nintendo game, it would sound like this

Digitapp's chiptune treatment of the Game of Thrones theme makes you wish George R.R. Martin's fantasy series was adapted for an old-school RPG. Imagine all the XP you could accrue at the "Dothraki wedding" stage or the "Winterfell whorehouse" level. More »

It's the Great Dalek, Charlie Brown

If Charles Schulz had written about a time-hopping Gallifreyian instead of a chronically depressed little boy, chances are his artwork would look like Larry Wentzel's. There's no Snoopy as K-9, but who wouldn't want to see A Weeping Angel Christmas? More »

Read a surprisingly heartwarming "Thor" parody, starring the Muppets

Who is worthy to wield the hammer of Thor? Well, Kermit the Frog for one. And what he does with Thor's power might just leave you with a tear in your eye. More »

Neurosurgeons analyze incidents of brain trauma in Asterix comics

Here's the cheekiest medical study we've seen recently. Neurosurgeons at Düsseldorf's Heinrich-Heine-University have catalogued occurrences of brain trauma in Asterix comics. Y'know, those comics about rambunctious Gauls who're always pounding the hell outta Roman legionnaires (and each other). More »

Bilateral gynandromorphism: a fancy way of saying you're (literally) half male and half female

In extraordinary cases, some animals have each chromosome in very particular physical regions. Meet the gynandromorphs - parts of their bodies are male...and the other parts are female. The chromosomes of an animal determine its sex. More »

More scenes from Taiwan's cursed retrofuturistic resort that never was

The UFO-shaped pods in Taipei's Sanzhi District were constructed as a resort for military officers stationed in East Asia. But a series of accidents ended construction — and started rumors that the site was cursed. More »

What is a tree's maximum possible height?

The world's tallest tree is found in northern California - it's a redwood that stands 379 feet tall. This tree and its relatives are the largest single organisms in the world, but just how big can these trees really get? More »

In this bizarre PSA, Batgirl almost kills Batman over unequal pay

In this 1971 PSA reminding employers to obey the federal Equal Pay Act, Batgirl refuses to defuse a bomb when she gets into a wage dispute with Batman. And here I thought crimefighting was a pro bono gig. More »

Who wants to stay at a Jurassic Park themed love hotel?

In the city of Beppu in Japan's Ōita Prefecture, you can visit Hotel Jzauruss, a love hotel modeled on Jurassic Park. Finally, a place that can accommodate all of your Dennis Nedry roleplaying fantasies. You didn't say the magic safe word, ah-ah-ah![ More »