WE ARE THE CORPS | Green Lantern poster by Darren Rawlings on CG Hub.

Green Lantern wants to be Star Wars, but it's more like the Star Wars prequels

Ryan Reynolds keeps comparing Green Lantern, out today, to the original Star Wars. As if it's the same kind of fun thrill-ride, with the same relatable heroic arc, swashbuckling and Han Solo-esque swagger. But actually, Green Lantern is more like the Star Wars prequels. More »

Ten crazy uses of the Green Lantern ring

Hal Jordan is making his way into movie theaters today. We'll see aliens and Oa and space ships and Blake Lively, but I'm guessing we won't see some of the creative things that have been done with the Lantern Ring over the years in the comics. More »

Green Lantern Halloween costumes will strike fear into the hearts of absolutely everybody

Here's the costume for Hal's mentor Sinestro. If anyone's confused by your costume, you can also claim you're dressed as "Key Party Luigi from Super Mario Bros." More »

A beginner's guide to Green Lantern

Green Lantern is quite possibly the most fiendishly complicated of all the superheroes, surrounded by cosmic mythology, strange aliens, and convoluted backstory. More »

Ultimate Proof that Hal Jordan is a Cosmic-Level Badass

Green Lantern's magic ring runs on willpower, so Hal Jordan needs an iron will to wear it. But the real test of his will is what happens when he loses the ring and has to rely on himself. More »

Secrets of Green Lantern: Will Hal Jordan be your antidote to dark superheroes?

Green Lantern opens this weekend, and the stars and creative team told us about the challenges of adapting an insanely complex mythology, how to play villains who aren't yet villains, and being forced to wear an impossibly huge prosthetic head. More »

Totally Demented Green Lantern Storylines That Won't Be in the Movie

Green Lantern comes out on Friday, and we can't wait to see how Hal Jordan's saga translates to the big screen. We can't tell you just what'll happen in the movie, but we do know one thing. There's no way the movie can include these 16 utterly loopy storylines from the Green Lantern comics. More »

Why is DC Comics canceling and restarting all its superhero lines?

You may have noticed that DC Comics is audaciously canceling their entire superhero line and restarting it with 52 first issues come September. Details about this relaunch are still fairly murky, but here's a primer on what we do know. More »

What if Guy Gardner and Kilowog starred on Glee?

What if Guy Gardner and Kilowog starred on Glee?I'm not that familiar with Glee (I'm pretty sure the show's about a bunch of melodious high schoolers being held hostage by their immortal principal, Dick Clark) but I can't be churlish about Green Lantern colorist Randy Mayor's charming poster. More »

The Justice League gets medieval in the Year 1000

Artist Ulises Farinas imagines rebooting the DC continuity all the way back to the Year 1000, where the mad King Batman, the Woman of Wonders, and the Monk with a Green Lantern battle ancient trolls and wicked Knights Templar. More »

When Larry Niven reinvented the Green Lantern universe

Larry Niven is best known as author of Ringworld novels and creator of the Known Space universe - but did you know he also helped to reinvent the Green Lantern Corps and their masters, the Guardians? More »

What would Philip Seymour Hoffman look like as Hector Hammond?

We've uncovered some old concept art that shows the villainous Hector Hammond in a much more distinguished light - if he was being played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Plus new featurettes take you on a romantic date on Oa. More »

The Definitive History of Science Fiction and Fantasy Cop Shows

In 1967, Filmation produced three Green Lantern animated shorts as part of the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure. The shorts pitted space patrolman Hal Jordan against a despotic empress, a breakout on an alien penal colony, and Evil Star, an immortal scientist voiced by Paul Frees. More »

The 10 most absurd superhero drug freakouts

Cyborgs, aliens, and highfalutin space gods aren't the only perils superheroes face. No, sometimes they battle sentient cocaine or mind-control methamphetamines. Here are 10 (mostly ridiculous) stories in which our favorite do-gooders got dosed. More »