WHAT'S FOR LUNCH? | No harm in a giant monster wanting to know that, right? Art by Scott Hallett.

io9 Offers $2000 Bounty For Authentic Photos Of Cryptids

This summer, io9 is going cryptozoological. We're offering a $2000 bounty to the person who sends us the best authentic photo or video of a "cryptid," or mystery animal. More »

A beginner's guide to Green Lantern

Green Lantern is quite possibly the most fiendishly complicated of all the superheroes, surrounded by cosmic mythology, strange aliens, and convoluted backstory. More »

New Material Creates Inverse Doppler Effect

The Doppler Effect is the reason why car horns drop in tone as they go by, and radar speedometers work. But a new material may actually create an inverse Doppler Effect. More »

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters turns the kaiju loose on an unsuspecting world

How do you wrap a cohesive plot around Godzilla? IDW proves your best bet is to not even try – just let the monsters trash the world and see how the humans cope with the carnage. More »

Sex with Neanderthals gave humans the strength we needed to conquer the planet

It's only relatively recently that the scientific community has begun to accept that early humans interbred with our Neanderthal cousins. Now it looks as if it was not only possible, it was essential for providing us with immunity from strange diseases. More »

10 Big Reveals That Made Stories Even More Confusing

There are a lot of stories that feature mysterious characters or events. And it's hard to stop watching until there are answers. But sometimes those answers never come. More »

Should we once and for all eradicate smallpox?

Well, yes of course we should destroy all smallpox. But recently the disease was spared the chop, due to US pressure on the World Health Organization. More »

In The Hidden Goddess, Love Isn't Easy, Especially When Battling An Aztec Legend

In The Hidden Goddess, the sequel to M.K. Hobson's Nebula-nominated Native Star, our protagonists are safe in New York and ready to begin their lives together. Unfortunately, the troubles that plagued them before - magic-hating Russians, death-goo, blood sorcerers - come roaring right back. More »

Why ketamine makes you feel really damn good

Now we know why people have been dosing themselves with the animal tranquillizer ketamine for years. Scientists have learned that ketamine, known to the experimental among you as Special K, is a powerful, fast-acting antidepressant. More »

First Concept Art from John Carter takes you to Mars

Disney has released the first look at the savage world of Barsoom, from Andrew Stanton's live-action adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic series John Carter of Mars. More »

No, the Sun is not about to plunge us into a new Ice Age

The Sun has been unusually quiet lately, with the solar wind the slowest it's been in 50 years and the sunspot cycle reduced to nothing more than the occasional belch. More »

More epic X-Men: First Class concept art showcases the final battle and a sexy goth Angel

More proof that X-Men: First Class could have come out looking very different: A ton of new concept art has come out, and it showcases some very off-kilter character designs for Beast, Angel and Darwin. More »

Scientists link television viewing to diabetes, heart disease, and death

A new study just released by the Journal of the American Medical Association has pointed to a link between television viewing and the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality. More »