URBAN RENEWAL | Alien Robot Smashing a City, concept art by Ross Dearsley on CGHub.

Catgirl Vs. Ninja: the Cutest Confrontation You'll See Today

What if the internet meme nyan cat fought crime? It'd be called The Nine Lives Of Chloe King. The show about the teen girl with cat powers debuted last night, and watching it was like blowing rails of pixie sticks. More »

Secrets of Green Lantern: Will Hal Jordan be your antidote to dark superheroes?

Green Lantern opens this weekend, and the stars and creative team told us about the challenges of adapting an insanely complex mythology, how to play villains who aren't yet villains, and being forced to wear an impossibly huge prosthetic head. More »

Exclusive Clip from Futurama's Season Opener!

Meet the brand new alien from Futurama's season premiere in our exclusive sneak peek of the first episode! Also, find out whether Bender's a Mac or a PC. More »

Making fairy tales realistic, with Fables creator Bill Willingham

To celebrate the publication of his new anthology Happily Ever After (Night Shade Books), editor John Klima sat down with Bill Willingham, who wrote the introduction to the book and is the creator of legendary comic book Fables. More »

Black holes may have been fundamental building blocks of the early universe

Most astronomers agree that at the center of every galaxy lies a supermassive black hole. But how did these gravitational monsters form? Now it seems that they may have been here since the beginning of time. More »

Life-sized Transformers statues are scrap metal in disguise

Thai sculptor Yumi Modal builds life-sized (and less than life-sized) Transformers statues that look ready to spring to life. Appropriately, each statue is made from discarded car parts and other scraps of machinery and metal. More »

Who should be cast as the leads in the American Gods miniseries?

We're excited about the recent news that Tom Hanks will be producing a six-season adaptation of Neil Gaiman's epic novel American Gods for HBO. And now for the real question: Who should star in it? More »

The Justice League gets medieval in the Year 1000

Artist Ulises Farinas imagines rebooting the DC continuity all the way back to the Year 1000, where the mad King Batman, the Woman of Wonders, and the Monk with a Green Lantern battle ancient trolls and wicked Knights Templar. More »

First poster for Disney's John Carter (of Mars)

Taylor Kitsch is giving his best over-the-shoulder John Carter in the first-ever poster from Andrew Stanton's John Carter of Mars movie adaptation (now just titled John Carter). More »

If you keep going around the universe, will you end up where you started?

Is the universe flat or spherical or saddle-shaped, and what do any of these things really mean? Do we live in a Pac-Man universe, or an infinite one? More »

Hilarious haiku comics inspired by Doctor Who

A Doctor World merges the darkly poetic style of the photo webcomic A Softer World with screencaps and notions from Doctor Who, offering sometimes thoughtful, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny comics starring the Doctor and his pals. More »

Meet the Gömböc, one of the strangest shapes in the world

Invented by Hungarian mathematicians, the Gömböc can't ever be kept down. It's the world's only artificial, self-righting shape. There are plenty of things that come back up after being knocked down. More »