THE ARRIVAL | The aliens descend, concept art by Rolf Mohr.

Super 8 doesn't live up to the hype, but that's OK

Super 8 is one of the only original science fiction movies this summer, and it's the brainchild of "sense of wonder" twins Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams. So yeah, there's been a lot of hype about this flick. And no, it's not entirely deserved. But that doesn't mean it isn't a likable, exciting movie. More »

The year's best alien invasion movie hits the U.S. this summer!

It's been months since we've heard anything about Joe Cornish's alien-invasion flick Attack The Block - but now there's good news. Screen Gems is finally releasing the picture in the U.S.! More »

Green Lantern behind-the-scenes video reveals alien secrets of the Corps

Still not sure what to think about Green Lantern? Check out this exceptionally long look behind the scenes on set. Watch Sinestro get painted up like a pink alien hooker, Ryan Reynolds fly, and Hector Hammond rage! More »

10 Dirt-Cheap Aliens Who Still Look Awesome

Just because science fiction has a low budget, doesn't mean its alien creatures need to look silly or ho-hum. Here are 10 low-budget alien spectaculars that blew our minds. More »

First look at Shepard Fairey's They Live Poster!

Tonight, the Alamo Drafthouse is hosting a special screening of John Carpenter's They Live. Which means one thing: a new limited edition poster from Mondo! More »

The Original Cowboys And Aliens Movie

This scene from the original cowboys/aliens film would make Jon Favreau have a heart attack. Especially the space dominatrix and the lizard gunfighter, who tells Julie Newmar's cat-woman: "No sense in messing up such a prime pussy." Err... what? More »

What To Do If You're The First Human To Ever Make Contact With Aliens

Check out this exhaustive guide, covering how to behave if you're the first human to come in contact with an alien. Handy tips include: "First things first, hold the @!&#;$ still." More »

If an alien invasion really happened, we'd be dead instantly

In movies humans fight off alien occupation forces, explode alien ships, and mind-control aliens with the power of love. How on earth can we think that would happen? More »

Even 1,000 alien invasions would be better than being all alone in the universe

Our species' long-term survival might ultimately rest on our ability to keep existence interesting, and that could prove impossible unless we find aliens to talk to. Without other intelligent lifeforms around, say theorists, humanity's collective intellect might wither and die. More »

Five Reasons Why Aliens Will Make Contact with the Japanese First

If aliens decide to make contact with Earthlings, they'll probably want to contact the Japanese using prime numbers and laser pulses. And I don't just think this because I spent my childhood watching reenactments of UFO sightings on Japanese TV while eating fried noodles out of a giant UFO-shaped bowl aptly named "UFO Yakisoba." More »

Why are we so excited about alien invasions all of a sudden?

This is the year of alien invasion. After superheroes, alien invaders might be the most popular media trope of the year. They're dominating movies like Cowboys & Aliens and Battle: Los Angeles and TV shows like V and Falling Skies. More »

Aliens: Colonial Marines Is a Living Tableau of Death, Bloody and Alien

Aliens: Colonial Marines is everything I'd want in an Aliens game starring tragically overconfident space Marines. It is spectacular with sprays of gunfire, acidic green blood, and horrific death. More »

Great Moments In Alternate History: First Contact

Alien fleets, rayguns and...Winston Churchill? Sure, we haven't met any aliens yet in our timeline (or they're being very discreet about close encounters), but alternate history authors won't let that stop them. First contact isn't just for the future anymore! More »

This time the aliens are going to help us for sure

Why do we always think the worst of aliens when they arrive planetside and start talking about peace? There are plenty of alien groups who exist only to make the world a better place. No, really! More »

10 Reasons Why Alien Invasions of Earth Always Fail

If aliens ever appeared in our skies, you'd think the human race would be screwed. After all, any species that's smart enough to travel faster than light would have technology beyond our imagining. But somehow, alien invaders always lose. More »