ROUGH JUSTICE | "Welcome Home," concept art by Alex Broeckel via

Will we ever have the Predator's heat vision?

Humans and most other animals are only able to see light in the visible spectrum. But what about infrared, which the alien in Predator famously uses to see prey approaching just by their heat signature. More »

Does this Avengers set report reveal the movie's bad guys?

Is there a secret Avengers-Stargate crossover? While we're a bit dubious about the authenticity of this "set report" we did get a mighty chuckle from the Stargate on set references. More »

Did you hear about the time NBC tried to kill Community's D&D episode?

"They [the studio and the network] were so upset about the crime of this episode having been written. The note session as a whole was preceded by a 45-minute period of them walking around the lot whispering to each other. More »

First Set Pics from Ridley Scott's Prometheus: Is this your new gritty alien underworld?

Very little is known about Ridley Scott's Alien-esque movie Prometheus (penned by Damon Lindelof, based on an old Aliens prequel script by Jon Spaihts). More »

The story of the Monkey Shakespeare Simulator Project

There once was a noble project meant to recreate a famous hypothetical. Find out how many pages of Shakespeare monkeys actually could come up with in 10^35 pages. More »

Disney pays Damon Lindelof a whopping sum to create the next Star Wars

Harry Potter is almost over, so what will the next big family-friendly blockbuster movie series be? Disney hopes that Lost writer Damon Lindelof has the next big science fiction idea. More »

This homemade hoverbike is a real life Star Wars speeder

Australian engineer Chris Malloy has spent his spare money and time building a flying motorcycle he calls the Hoverbike. The Imperial Speeder Bike-like bike could reach 10,000 feet and fly 170 mph when finished. More »

The Truth About How Suntanning Causes Cancer

You've heard the myths. If you get a tan, you won't get skin cancer. If you use SPF 50 sunblock, you're safe. Only people with light skin are prone to skin cancer. More »

June Books Bring Space Opera, Angry Robots, and a Zombie Coming-of-Age Story!

Looking for something to stick in the beach bag? This month brings new novels by Jacqueline Carey and Laurell K. Hamilton, plus zombies, vampires, robots, and some levitating kids. More »

10 Scientist Rock Stars

There's a widely acknowledged link between music and math. But the connection between the two is even more pronounced when you look at the number of musicians with ties to the scientific world. More »

The stag who wore a greatcoat had some peculiar opinions

They say that monsters never call another creature "monster." After a lifetime of being told that one is uncanny, the word becomes tiresome. Why pass the insult along to one's brothers? More »

First official look from Walking Dead season 2 reveals a zombie makeover!

The first official image from the second season of Walking Dead is out, showing off some new undead make up tricks. While the zombies look impressively gruesome, we're wondering if the new yellow-eyed look is the first of many changes? More »