POST-APOCALYPTIC SPLENDOR | "His City" concept art by Dennis Chan shows a city reclaimed by nature. More here.

Is being left-handed actually a form of cognitive impairment?

That's the finding of a new study examining the link between cognitive ability and handedness. Lefties score consistently lower on aptitude tests than righties, and left-handedness is cognitively equivalent to being born prematurely. More »

Doggelgänger facial recognition software matches you with your puppy lookalike

No need to search the world over for your other puppy half. Doggelgänger uses facial recognition software to pair you up with the puppy that already shares your handsome features! More »

Artist draws his way through Lovecraft's creature catalog

Illustrator Mike Bukowski has taken on the maddening task of drawing every creature that appears in HP Lovecraft's cosmic horror stories - from the squishiest Elder Thing to the lowliest Deep One. More »

Internet War I is about to begin

After the Chinese hacker attacks on Google, we're all ready for the first Internet War to begin. But how would such a war really start? One guy has a mesmerizingly crazy idea . More »

Romance Between Clairvoyants: Doomed to Fail?

Judy can see a host of possible futures and choose among them, but then she goes on a date with the only other clairvoyant that she knows about: Doug, who sees only one future that's already set in stone. Which one of them is right?More »

The films of Hayao Miyazaki à la Lego

You're looking at the oeuvre of Studio Ghibli bigwig Hayao Miyazaki sculpted entirely out of plastic bricks. This fantastic tableau was built by Iain Heath for BrickCon 2010. More »

Massive eruption on the sun yesterday means a solar storm zooming by Earth tomorrow

This picture was taken by a NASA solar observatory yesterday, and it shows one of the biggest explosions we've ever seen on the sun. For perspective, look at the upper left corner. More »

A brief introduction to infinity

The notion of infinity is fundamentally beyond the human ability to comprehend, but that hasn't stopped mathematicians from trying. So just what is infinity, and why is there more than one of them? More »

Early X-Men character concept art shows off a much darker Azazel

You may have already seen Jerad S. Marantz's early work on Green Lantern (here he created a very bulbous Philip Seymour Hoffman as Hector Hammond). Now take a look at some of his early character concept art for X-Men: First Class. More »

The first-ever photos of a space shuttle docked at the International Space Station

The space shuttle Endeavour has taken its final bow, but its last mission also marks the first time a space shuttle has ever been photographed while docked to the International Space Station. More »

10 stories about people being used as drugs

Science fiction and fantasy are full of nasties who get their kicks not from champagne, but from the sundry parts of you and me. Here are 10 stories about characters getting loopy on humans (and the occasional metahuman). More »

New Torchwood featurette reveals Captain Jack Harkness' greatest mistake

Captain Jack Harkness reveals he's made a fatal error, in a new featurette for Torchwood: Miracle Day. Here's an exclusive first look at one of the new character-centric featurettes being unveiled for the fourth season of Doctor Who's edgy spinoff. More »

What if Spider-Man fought in Vietnam?

Orc Stain and Wonton Soup creator James Stokoe turns his incredibly detailed eye on everyone's favorite wallcrawler, placing him far from the supervillain-filled streets of New York, and casting him as a masked soldier in the short comic "Spider 'Nam." More »

DC gives us a first look at the new Teen Titans, Legion of Superheroes, and more!

Remember how DC Comics is relaunching their entire superhero line this September? Well, DC has given io9 an exclusive preview of the artwork, plots, and creative teams for five of their new young superhero titles. More »