Illustrator Mike Bukowski has taken on the maddening task of drawing every creature that appears in HP Lovecraft's cosmic horror stories — from the squishiest Elder Thing to the lowliest Deep One.

Bukowski explains that he fell in love with Lovecraft's writings at an early age, and he credits the writer's descriptions of unearthly horrors with influencing his own artistic style. He uses Lovecraft's descriptions of creatures — and in some cases, just the creature's name — to imagine how the creatures might look. And it's not just the monsters Lovecraft invented himself — Bukowski also redesigns satyrs and succubi and other well-worn creatures mentioned in Lovecraft's stories so that they fit in the same horrifying universe.


Be warned, some of the drawings on Bukowski's blog are not safe for work — or sanity.

Yog-Blogsoth [via GeekDad]

Deep One

Elder Thing


Vaporous Brain

Hyena-Headed Mountains




Things That Devour and Dissolve