Orc Stain and Wonton Soup creator James Stokoe turns his incredibly detailed eye on everyone's favorite wallcrawler, placing him far from the supervillain-filled streets of New York, and casting him as a masked soldier in the short comic "Spider 'Nam."

Stokoe finds plenty of room for his elaborate artwork in this four-page fan comic, but it's also a wonderfully reflective "what if?" story. Peter Parker writes his first letter home to Aunt May after shipping out to Vietnam, and finds that being Spider-Man means something very different in the middle of a war. Here it is, via Stokoe's blog (which has such goodies as the Murder Bullets webcomic):

On his Twitter acount, Stokoe also reveals his plans for this, should he ever finish it (which isn't likely). According to Stokoe, "The Spider-Nam pages I posted isn't the whole story. He still has to slog to the Cambodian border to find Curt Connors." Also, there will be "M79 web launchers, Marvel character racial tension & cynical stabs against Captain America! That oughta make it completely unpublishable!"

[Via James Stokoe's Twitter and ComicsAlliance]