MECHA VS. CATS | When Nine Lives Meet None, concept art by Reza IIyasa, via Concept Robots.

First footage of David Tennant in the new Fright Night movie will knock your wig off

We've heard he's the best part of the new Fright Night reboot, but we still haven't seen a second of David Tennant's douchey Vegas magician footage, until now. More »

Is a hole in the universe opening up…in Wyoming?

You'd be forgiven for having that reaction to this photo of the Ames Monument, a pyramid in Wyoming built to commemorate the transcontinental railroad. More »

The Madness of Mercy, on Game of Thrones

Last night's Game of Thrones was something special. It was written by George R.R. Martin himself, author of the original books, and it contained some key turning points in the saga. More »

The weirdest stories from the Star Wars Expanded Universe

We recently remember that wacky Lucas-approved comic story in which Han Solo met Indiana Jones. As strange as that was, it's just the tip of an iceberg that's inhabited solely by Wampas loaded on death sticks. More »

The best way to lose weight is to lie to yourself

Looking to shed some pounds and take part in a massive act of self-deception? You can't fool your stomach into feeling full. However, you can fool your brain into enjoying healthy fruits and vegetables as much as high-fat indulgences. More »

What sort of hat would an evil Doctor wear? Matt Smith explains!

Matt Smith has brought out many different sides of Doctor Who's mysterious time traveler - but how would he bring an evil version to life? We were dying to know, and he told us! We were lucky enough to ask one question each of Smith, plus Karen Gillan and the Doctor Who producers. More »

J.J. Abrams: Super 8's monster is no cuddly E.T.

We chatted with J.J. Abrams about Super 8, his monster action homage to Steven Spielberg's friendly alien films like E.T. and Close Encounters. He talked about recreating 1979, the challenges of making a movie about kids, and why his alien is kind of a bastard. More »

Why did X-Men: First Class underperform at the box office?

We quite liked X-Men: First Class, but sadly it failed to levitate the box office with the power of its mind. The mutant prequel made just $56 million in its opening weekend, less than the $69 million some analysts predicted. What happened? More »

10 physical gestures that have been patented

If you're making a flicking gesture with a pen near your computer, watch out. Microsoft may own the rights to the gesture you're making. And if you like to draw letters of the alphabet using one penstroke per letter, you may one day find yourself paying a licensing fee to Xerox. More »

Welcome to Gulliver's Kingdom, the unhappiest place on Earth

The Japanese theme park Gulliver's Kingdom was only open from 1997-2001 before a lack of visitors shuttered it. Until its decaying remains were demolished in 2007, the park and its 147-foot-long Lemuel Gulliver statue were prime destinations for urban explorers. More »

First official trailers for Syfy's new superhero series Alphas

The next original series on the Syfy slate is a Heroes-esque TV show called Alphas. The show follows a team of crime fighters, led by David Strathairn, whose abnormal abilities give them superpowers. More »

It's a Harry Potter versus Voldemort brawl in new Deathly Hallows scenes

New scenes from Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part II have hit the web. Check out Voldemort dropping some Avada Kedavra on the boy-turned-man wizard. More »