WEEKLY ROUNDUP: 5/29-6/4 | X-Muppets by Rahzzah.

X-Men: First Class: Not Your Same Old Mutant Angst

Are superpowers a blessing or a curse? Are mutants more like ethnic minorities, or queer people? For too long, TV shows and movies have been asking these same old questions, without really finding any interesting answers. So it's a pleasure to watch a movie like X-Men. More »

Proof that Denver Airport is one of the most evil places on Earth

Having recently been stranded in Denver Airport for 24 hours, I can tell you anecdotally that the place is hellish. More »

Ask Mira Grant anything you want about Feed

In May, the io9 Book Club read Mira Grant's Feed. Now Grant is coming to answer your questions about the book on Monday, June 6. She'll be popping into the comment thread on this very post Monday, June 6, between 4:30 and 5:30 Pacific Time. More »

Model Shots That Look Beautiful Enough to be Paintings

We're used to marveling at the painted concept art that comes out alongside a big space epic. The incredible spaceship images, the gorgeous planetscapes. More »

Will P.T. Anderson's next movie still be about Scientology?

Paul Thomas Anderson's untitled next film starts shooting soon, and the trickle of casting announcements is making it sound like a fantastic movie. More »

Proof that the X-Men have the crappiest lives of any fictional characters

The X-Men have been around for 48 years, but in the comic books, they've been saving the world for approximately 16 years. In that time, there's been so much crushing tragedy in their lives that it's downright comical. More »

Alchemists, Astronomers, and Wild Men: A History of the Mad Scientist, Part One

The mad scientist is one of the standard archetypes of modern popular culture. Widespread in the pulps of the 1920s and 1930s, its modern inception dates back to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1818). More »

A surprising discovery about how ancient Romans used lead pipes for food

The wreck of a Roman ship was discovered 25 years ago, and nobody could explain why a large lead pipe was smashed through the hull. Now we know it's just another example of Roman engineering prowess. More »

These are the biggest numbers in the universe

There are numbers out there that are so enormously, impossibly vast that to even write them down would require the entire universe. But here's the really crazy thing...some of these incomprehensibly huge numbers are crucial for understanding the world. More »

What does it mean if you don't want to have sex?

Famed sexologist Alfred Kinsey called them "group X." Big Bang Theory calls them people who, like Sheldon, "have no deal." But the one percent of the population who aren't interested in sex call themselves asexuals, aces, or, more simply, people who would pick cake over sex. More »

Your Ultimate Survival Guide to June's Science Fiction and Fantasy

Science fiction and fantasy are exploding in June! New television shows! Tons of movies! Loads of books! How will you cope with all the excitement? More »

Girly girls and manly men are more realistic about their dating prospects

One of the most important skills to have if you're looking for dates is knowing whether somebody else is interested in you. According to psychologists who studied speed dating, this is actually an incredibly difficult skill to master More »

The best Game Of Thrones internet meme yet: Stupid Ned Stark

Dear Gods! Eddard Stark from Game Of Thrones is an infuriating character. Each episode, we suffer through one poor Stark decision after the other. Finally someone has created a meme to chronicle his crappy politics. More »

Doctor Who goes anime in this amazing 13-minute short!

Two years ago we told you about the amazing Anime Doctor Who from Otaking. Now it's done. Watch 13 minutes of the gorgeous Macross-inspired footage now! More »

Who are all these weird new mutants in X-Men: First Class?

The first X-Men films introduced us to marquee mutants like Wolverine and Storm. For the 1960s prequel X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn has dug deep into X-Men lore and plucked out some of the comic's most obscure mutants. More »