X-Men: First Class: Not Your Same Old Mutant Angst

Are superpowers a blessing or a curse? Are mutants more like ethnic minorities, or queer people? For too long, TV shows and movies have been asking these same old questions, without really finding any interesting answers. So it's a pleasure to watch a movie like X-Men: First Class, which blows past these tired old questions, to give us some new ones. More »

io9 readers transform eye-gougingly bad X-Men posters into works of art

Several days ago, we were absolutely baffled by the lamentable posters for X-Men: First Class, which depict silhouettes of Charles Xavier and Magneto incubating their own giant heads. We turned to our readers and asked them to redesign First Class' aesthetically bankrupt posters. The io9ers pulled through with panache. More »

Wolverine's 10 Most Mortifying Moments

Wolverine's a respectable bub. This is no small feat as he's spent most of the last 35 years wearing a banana-colored body condom and a Batman hat. Nonetheless, life has kicked the snikt out of Logan. Let's recap the humiliation. More »

X-Men family tree breaks down mutant mating habits with surprising clarity

Confused about which mutants are married to whom? This chart by Joe Stone ought to clear up some of the confusion. It's missing the 10,000 people who've slept with Wolverine, but that topic deserves its own diagram. More »

Who are all these weird new mutants in X-Men: First Class?

The first X-Men films introduced us to marquee mutants like Wolverine and Storm. For the 1960s prequel X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn has dug deep into X-Men lore and plucked out some of the comic's most obscure mutants. More »

Wolverine's smelly son brings some emo to the X-Men universe

Recently, Marvel introduced a new little cub to the Wolverine family. Daken is a sexually predatory assassin with super-pheromone powers and massive daddy issues. And he's written by Marjorie Liu, a famous paranormal romance author. It's the perfect fit. Here's why you need more Daken in your life. More »

The X-Men's 1991 Pool Party = Everything That's Wrong With The X-Men in 2011

Back in 1991, a sexy pin-up tucked into X-Men #1 was the apex of comic book cool. Nowadays? It just stands for the systemic failings of the entire X-franchise. Plus: Colossus in a thong! I love the X-Men. No, scratch that. I really, really love the X-Men. More »

The Most Tear-Jerking X-Men Deaths

Out of all the superteams in comics, the X-Men always seem to rack up the highest body counts. It's like dying is their mutant power! In any case, here are the weepiest passings in X-history. More »

Why X-Men: First Class aims to be like a 1960s James Bond film

Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz have written two of the summer's biggest movies, Thor and X-Men: First Class. How did they go about translating these comic-book icons into two-hour movie scripts? Stentz and Miller explain to us how they went from writing for Fringe to adapting two Marvel Comics properties. And exactly why putting an X-Men film in the 1960s made sense. More »

A cheeky interpretation of the X-Ladies' cheek-baring adventure

R. Fiore's review of Marvel's X-Women is one of the funnier comic reviews I've read in a while. The key quote? "X-Women is a one-shot, so be careful your one shot doesn't stain your clothing." More »

X-Men goes Duran Duran

You gotta get down on Friday, and what better way to do it than with these Nagel-inspired tees featuring some our favorite X-Men, looking like they were torn from the cover of a 1980s Duran Duran album. More »

Most Ridiculous Moments from an Ancient X-Men Toy Commercial

While scanning my news feed yesterday, I came across a TV spot for Toy Biz's 1991 line of X-Men action figures. The ad featured Wolverine (forever bearing a constipated, plastic rictus grimace) stopping Magneto from conquering a toll bridge. More »

Why Hop is the unofficial sequel to X-Men 3

Hop has the veneer of a subpar kids' flick, but it's actually a stealth sequel to the total clusterfuck that was X-Men: The Last Stand. This secularized-Easter-cum-talking-creature feature tells the lost history of Cyclops, who supposedly died offscreen in X3. More »

5 Most Disturbing X-Men Love Affairs

What's it like when X-Men get between the sheets? Sure, you're perpetually surrounded by statuesque mutants in skintight pleather, but chances are your attempts at amorousness will be illegal in several states and freak out your readership. More »

This Weird Old X-Men First Person Shooter Allowed You To Kill Gambit 100 Times

In 1997, X-Men: The Ravages Of Apocalypse hit stores. The game was a Marvel-sanctioned total conversion of the bloody first-person shooter Quake. You played as a cyborg Magneto built to kill Apocalypse's army of X-Men clones. Eat rocket launcher, bub! More »