FINAL ORBIT | The Space Shuttle Endeavour docked with the International Space Station as the Earth hurtles past at 27,000 miles per hour.

Most Disturbing "Brain Implant Goes Wrong" Scene Of All Time

The 1974 movie The Terminal Man is one of those quiet, slow-moving masterpieces of early 1970s science fiction... and then you get to a totally horrific, violent scene like this one, where the main character's brain implant finally goes wrong. More »

Ellen Kushner Opens the Way to Bordertown in Episode 37 of The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy

Ellen Kushner, fantasy author and radio personality, joins us to discuss the Borderland shared-world anthology series and whether or not your cell phone will work on the outskirts of Faerie. More »

Behind the Fiction: The science of Robopocalypse

Daniel Wilson's much-anticipated novel Robopocalypse hits bookstores this week. It's the hyper-realistic story of a robot uprising, and is already being made into a Steven Spielberg film slated for 2013 release. More »

New Planet of the Apes trailer explains how we destroyed ourselves with science

We've got a brand new trailer for the Rise of The Planet of the Apes, which delivers lots of backstory on scientist James Franco, and his relationship with Caesar (the ape who starts the primate uprising). More »

Will P.T. Anderson's next movie still be about Scientology?

Paul Thomas Anderson's untitled next film starts shooting soon, and the trickle of casting announcements is making it sound like a fantastic movie. But one question remains. More »

Alchemists, Astronomers, and Wild Men: A History of the Mad Scientist, Part One

The mad scientist is one of the standard archetypes of modern popular culture. Widespread in the pulps of the 1920s and 1930s, its modern inception dates back to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1818). More »

New storyboards show just how cosmic Captain America will get

A batch of storyboards from Marvel's next comic book blockbuster Captain America have been released, and within each little black-and-white box are a few very ultra magical spoilers. More »

10 Fantasy Sagas That Are Wronger Than Twilight

Soon enough we'll get to see how legendary director Bill Condon brings to life the incredibly messed-up conclusion to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga. More »

Quantum entanglement helps computers defy the laws of thermodynamics

The longer you use a computer, the hotter it will get. That seems like just an everyday fact of life, but it might actually be its own law of physics. More »

George Lucas Strikes Back: The REAL story behind the prequels

Check out this pretty hilarious fake trailer for George Lucas Strikes Back, a story about the original George, not the evil doppelganger Hollywood created to ruin the Star Wars legacy. More »

An easy experiment to prove that you're eating metal every morning

Do you eat a cereal that's "fortified with iron"? Do you doubt that this means you're just eating tiny iron filings? Time to think again. Here's a quick experiment to make eating cereal every morning either less appealing or way more cool, depending on your point of view. More »

Does this new Riddick concept art blame the apocalypse on our favorite Furian?

More news about a potential third Riddick movie: Writer/director David Twohy shared his thoughts, as well as some excellent concept art. Does this mean we're closer to Vin Diesel agreeing to a pay cut so the movie can go forward? More »