Some of us at io9 were lucky enough to catch Joe Cornish's aliens-versus-South-London-delinquents flick Attack the Block at South by Southwest, but yours truly only recently had a chance to catch a stateside screening.

I'm not going to get into a hyper-detailed assessment of the film here (see our first impressions post for that), but I think ATB's score deserves huge plaudits. Steven Price and UK house music stalwarts Basement Jaxx (a.k.a. Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe) have composed a soundtrack that's equal parts B-movie and dubstep insanity.

Sometimes the composers use 1950s theremin kitschiness, other times they evoke the stripped down menace of a John Carpenter flick. They've crafted a love letter to scifi soundtracks, and their work enhances the film immensely.

If Daft Punk's score to Tron Legacy was too sanitized for your tastes, you'll definitely dig this. It's unclear when Attack the Block (and its absurdly good score) will get a US release, but here's hoping soon.