Sad that David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman show got the thumbs down from NBC? Now you can see what you missed! A batch of stills from the pilot have leaked, showing off Adrienne Palicki's shorts, business meetings and jet!

Back in April we reported on the Wonder Woman pilot script overhaul, which tried to make the Amazon princess more bad-ass and less emo. And it sounds like the pilot was a lot like the rewrite.

iFanboy managed to get their hands on the coveted pilot video and shared these screengrabs (and a few opinions). The good news, Adrienne Palicki looked much better on screen than we imagined, much Amazon-esque. Plus the horrific "Single Ladies" dance number was gone (along with all the Katey Perry jokes). The bad news: They kept the infamous boob scene (as you can see from the screen grab above). This is the boardroom sequence we saw in an audition tape, a few months back (it's horrifying).

For more information about the pilot head over to iFanboy.