MEMORIAL DAY | Captain America by Dan Hipp. (Via Comics Alliance).

Victorian paper silhouettes of famous (and infamous) scifi characters

For his "Paper Cuts" series, designer Olly Moss created 19th century paper cutouts of some of speculative fiction's most esteemed heroes and villains. More »

Game of Thrones teaches us what ruling a Kingdom has in common with faking an orgasm

Nobody in Westeros has a particularly good claim to the throne. They overthrew the true King a generation ago. So if everyone's a pretender, the key is to get good at pretending. More »

Physicists test out their CSI skills with chicken wing sauce and dish soap

Although TV detectives can solve a crime with an eyelash and a laboratory full of lasers, real-life crime scene investigation still has some basic hurdles to get over. More »

In Naamah's Blessing, tantric sex comes to the New World

The ninth novel in Jacqueline Carey's D'Angeline series, Naamah's Blessing, is set over a century after the events of the incredible trilogy that began with Kushiel's Dart. More »

And now, Doctor Who shooting bad guys set to gangster rap

Here's something you never knew you wanted: a supercut of Doctors killing bad guys with OG Who weaponry. For someone averse to firearms, he's pretty good with them. More »

10 scenes from the most ridiculous sports comic ever published

It's Memorial Day here in the States. The sultry weather makes my mind turn to stupidly awesome comic books, namely DC Comics' Strange Sports Stories, a short-lived 1973 anthology about the unfathomable cosmic dangers inherent in physical activity. More »

Watch the first 3 minutes of the new season of True Blood

The TV Gods have blessed us this holiday, with the first three minutes from the new season of True Blood. And yes, it's even better than we suspected! More »

An awe-inspiring look at the Very Large Telescope in the Chilean desert

We've seen some breathtaking photography and footage of the night sky from Chile's Atacama Desert, but this eight-minute time-lapse sequence of the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope takes the cake. More »

Newfangled science fiction drinking games (that we hope you don't play)

Some of you may choose to tipple this holiday weekend. Rather than playing your patented "drink whenever Hudson speaks in Alien" game for the umpteenth time, why not give one of the following science fiction themed drinking games a whirl? More »