WEEKEND ROUNDUP: DO PHOTOBOMBS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? | Sean Young and Harrison Ford, circa the filming of Blade Runner. Check out more photos here.

Meet the gremlins who haunt Katie Holmes' house in the full "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" trailer

Not to be confused with that freaky Nickelodeon show, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is a Guillermo del Toro-penned-and-produced remake of a 1973 TV movie about wee, skittering monsters who harass an old mansion's new tenants. More »

This atomic bomb survival suit will make you want to hide in a fridge

In 1960, an enterprising inventor named Harold C. Tifft patented the "portable shield," a device that would ostensibly protect its user from radioactive fallout until help arrived. Or if help arrived. You're sporting your coffin on your back! More »

Jeff Conaway, Babylon 5's Zack Allan, passes away at 60

Actor Jeff Conaway, who was best known among scifi fans for his role as the affable Babylon 5 security officer Zack Allan (and the star of the 1983 fantasy series Wizards and Warriors), died yesterday at the age of 60. More »

A real-life Deadpool is patrolling a small city in Washington state

Real superheroes usually create their own crime-fighting monikers, but one freelance do-gooder in Wenatchee, Washington (a.k.a. "The Apple Capital of the World") has assumed the mantle of Marvel Comics' "Merc With A Mouth," the deranged assassin Deadpool. Malefactors beware. More »

How the USSR used hot asphalt to find an American spy plane

When classified planes were being built in Area 51, the Soviet Union's spy satellites made out their shapes the same way people can tell if a car has been parked in a certain space on a hot day. More »

On the new Torchwood, Captain Jack "gets to have full-on boy-sex" (spoilers)

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, John Barrowman quelled any worries that Captain Jack Harkness' pansexuality would be tamped down for American audiences. More »

Phantasm: a cult classic about the zombie Jawa industrial complex

Phantasm is a 1978 gothic horror fantasy written and directed by Don Coscarelli. It spawned three more sequels, all of them about evil dwarf minions and flying silver balls that love exsanguination. More »

Students banned from high school graduation because of lightsaber battle

A choreographed lightsaber battle in their school cafeteria landed two Westfield, Massachusetts seniors a two-day suspension and a blacklisting at their high school graduation. I presume this school district's had a spate of Sith gang violence, hence the zero-tolerance policy. More »

Sweet Christmas! Watch the Old Spice Guy play Luke Cage

We know that professional handsome man Isaiah Mustafa has talked to Marvel about the possibility of playing Luke Cage, and now check out this promo video of the actor as Power Man. Neat stuff, but there's no disco tiara. More »

Mirrors can actually create light through the magic of quantum weirdness

If you take two flat mirrors and place them very close together, the virtual particles that pop into existence between the mirrors will actually force them together. But that's nothing compared to when mirrors approach the speed of light. More »

Vacation like a Bond villain in this invisible room near the Arctic Circle

If you're a discerning evil zillionaire looking to get away from it all, the Mirrorcube hotel suite in the Swedish forest is a wise choice. Some well-placed mirrors + a seemingly floating cube = the final word in "No Solicitors." More »

The mystery behind history's most important isotope is solved at last

Most radioactive isotopes of the lighter elements decay in minutes or less. But one particular isotope of carbon takes 6000 years to decay, and that fact has revolutionized archaeology. But why it does that has long been a complete mystery. More »

Is this the most confusing scifi movie TV ad ever filmed?

Say what you will about Saul Bass' 1974 sentient ant film Phase IV. Its TV ads did not give anything away. Rather, the Phase IV commercials regaled viewers with cryptic narration and drunkenly edited images of ants and explosions. More »

Let's go to the Gnomon School, the place where scifi concept art is born

This life-size, old school Iron Man armor was on display last night at LA's Gnomon Gallery, alongside props and concept art from Avatar, the Iron Man movies, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, I Am Number Four, and more. More »