There's no greater friendship than the bond between a girl and her robot companion. Girls and robots share a special bond, as they explore the world together. Here's our gallery of the coolest art showing women and their robot friends.

Some girls are cyborgs, able to call on huge robotic strength and enhanced senses in their own bodies. But some girls just make friends with a nice giant robot, and their two separate selves join together like a single cybernetic entity. Check out some gorgeous, touching art celebrating this special relationship, in our gallery.


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Top image: go on, my rusty friend by timmi-o-tool at deviantART

Friends by Grandma at Worth1000

Robot and Engineer by Monkey-Paw at deviantART

Little Sister - Big Daddy by Viccolatte at deviantART

A girl and her robot by schellibie at deviantART

Go lyla by WakaBee at deviantART

Robot in Love by Rudeone at deviantART

Day 5: A Girl and her Robot by deadsleep at deviantART

Little Ship by Andrea De Santis at the Behance Network

Dryan and the Robot by raulman at deviantART

in the rain by WakaBee at deviantART

Ami and Sweet by at NgJas deviantART

Linked Picture by Ed Cazev at Digital Art Gallery

Robot and little girl by dangerousllama at deviantART

finished girl and robot by jamesmcdonald at deviantART

Cool guys don't... by liallan at deviantART

The Six-million Dollar Renoir by EvaBlue at Worth1000\

Standby by AndreeWallin at deviantART

Robot Love by zeo-x at deviantART

UPDATED Girl and her Robot by RocknessMonster at deviantART

Stone Master and the Girl by Jason Chan at The Design Inspiration
Girl and Robot by Phil Noto

The Workstation 2 by Jujika at deviantART

War. Envoy Picture by Tatiana Vetrova at Digital Art Gallery

My Gift Picture by Emerson Tung at Digital Art Gallery

My robot cat by MaximChiasson at deviantART

My best friend by vofff at deviantART

Flowerbot Picture by Nigel Quarless at Digital Art Gallery

Robot and Girl by Mike Hill at Freefall Graphics

Beta and Robot Friend by Captain-Galant at deviantART

Old Steam-powered Robot by AdamHunterPeck at deviantART

robot and girl by cuson at deviantART

Robot and Girl by SimonLoche at deviantART

Sniper Picture by Dmitry Grebenkov at Digital Art Gallery

Concept Robot by Dream Lu at concept robots

The Cupidator Mk. IV by Andrew Ian Dodge at dodgeblogium

Best Friends by oliverojm at deviantART

robot love - take two by m-U-n-s-t-e-r at deviantART