Check out this fun timeline documenting all of NASA's Apollo missions, from 1966 to 1972. As part of the viral marketing for the new space-horror movie Apollo 18, they've put together an awesome resource, and here's your first look.

Apollo 18 has relaunched its website with a timeline of every single Apollo Mission (including NASA images and video). And the studio gave us the opportunity to present an exclusive preview of the timeline, with cool-looking badges for all the mission. Click on each badge to load a page with more information about that year's missions.








Even more stuff is over at Apollo 18's facebook page. And it looks like Apollo 18 is prepping for a few more historical entries as well, hence the USA Vs. USSR tag. Should be interesting. We're excited to see the film channel its efforts into discussing our actual space history (instead of trying to convince us all that Apollo 18 was a real thing). Check the movies website for more Moon news, timelines and projects.