Artist Christopher Burdett just posted pictures of three dragons he designed for the Game of Thrones card game, giving us something to tide us over until A Dance With Dragons.

These dragons look truly awesome, and there's also one hint about what role dragons might play in the endless politicking between the Houses of Westeros. Minor spoilers ahead...


Burdett writes on his blog: I had a chance to work on A Game of Thrones last year and I am pleased to finally share the work I did on the game.

I am sure you are thinking that there are no monsters in AGoT and you would be correct... but there are certainly DRAGONS! In total, I created three dragons for the Queen of Dragons expansion . . . The dragons of AGoT are of a serpentine nature, long and lean, more snake than lizard. I was told George Martin is very particular about the dragons that show up in the game so I was a little nervous going into the project. Apparently I had nothing to worry about because I hit the mark with each one on the first pass.

You'll see when you flip through these images that Viserion is attacking a castle. Hopefully we'll get to see action like this in the series, as well. It's hard to say at this point how much of the material from the books will show up in the series, but I think you can rest assured that there will be dragons.

See more of Burdett's work on his blog. (Spotted on Creature Spot!)

Drogon, breathing fire!