Green Lantern might be the summer's most ambitious movie, bringing to life the world of Oa and the alien faces of the Green Lantern Corps. How did the rich art of Gil Kane and Ethan Van Sciver translate to film?

A new book, Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen, gives a kind of production diary that takes you through every stage of creating the movie's weird vistas, alien landscapes and green energy constructs. We've got a bunch of concept art from the book that shows how Oa and Hal Jordan himself could have looked quite different. Check it out below!


Yesterday we showed you a few pages from this book, focusing on Sinestro's amazing makeup and prosthetics. Plus some awesome creature concept art. Now the publisher, Universe Publishing, has sent us some super high-res concept art images from the book to share with you.

Constructing Green Lantern provides an inside look at every step of the film's creative process, including tons of spoilers. Concept art reveals how the glowing yellow face of the movie's villain, Parallax developed. And the main alien members of the Green Lantern Corps each get their own full-page concept art portraits, along with facing pages explaining how they came to be. But you also see all of the thought that went into creating the plant of Ferris Aircraft, and the giant central power battery on Oa as well as the smaller power battery.


There's also a great set of photos of the maquettes that were built, to capture the growth of Hector Hammond's skull from normal size to mega-brained deformity. There are also headshots of all the Guardians, showing how they distinguished between Appa and Ganthet, and half a dozen others. At every turn of the creative process, you can see the stages that the designers and concept artists went through, and the amount of elaborate creativity that went into realizing these super-complex designs.

Constructing Green Lantern is available May 31, and it's already available for pre-order at Amazon. Check out some more concept art in our gallery, above.