MEGASTRUCTURE AWESOMENESS | Tour the great giant space habitats of the universe, with some amazing flythrough videos. More here.

Why Supernatural season 6 was kind of like Buffy season 6

Supernatural season five had one of the best endings of any show ever, which could well have been a fitting conclusion to the series as a whole. So season six carried the burden of showing why the show should continue. How did Supernatural meet this challenge? More »


This is the most important star in the universe

This star may not look like much, but in 1923 it changed our understanding of the universe forever. It showed us that the Milky Way wasn't a lonely island universe, but instead just one of billions and billions of galaxies. More »

The Manhunt for the German scientists who faked the Roswell crash

New evidence is coming out that Area 51 was a Soviet conspiracy to destabilize the United States with a flight full of fake aliens. But who was really behind this scheme? More »


This is the New Space Shuttle

With the final launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour and only one more launch before the program is retired, NASA officially announced the shuttle's replacement today. More »


A Beautiful Scene That Will Make You Believe In Vampires Again

We're exceptionally excited about the all-girl vampire flick We Are The Night. Specifically for championing the "in crowd" bloodsuckers club (we miss you vampire David Bowie!) and bringing back gorgeous vampire transformations that are reminiscent of Interview With a Vampire. More »


We've seen ABC's new fairytale show Once Upon a Time

Can a show about fairytale characters in the real world keep you wishing upon a star every week? ABC is hoping you'll want to get to know Snow White and a host of fairytale characters in Once Upon a Time. More »


The love child of Cthulhu and Pikachu, crocheted for maximum cuteness

Behold Pikathulhu, the cuddly alien monster that the world has been waiting for. This delightful beast was created by Cthulhu Chick, whose cute eldrich horrors are yours for the taking via Etsy. More »


Klingon for Beginners: A Video Tutorial!

Speaking Klingon means never having to say you're sorry. And there are many other benefits to learning this most noble of languages. So we're proud to be able to bring you this Klingon language tutorial from Star Trek: Infinite Space. More »


The beautiful science behind the DNA discs, solar sailors and board rooms in Tron: Legacy

Did you know German Biologist Ernst Haeckel influenced the cold world of Tron: Legacy, inspiring realistic life inside the code? A few artists from the film have shared the behind-the-scenes secrets from the Tron: Legacy set. More »

Mark Strong wore full Sinestro makeup and prosthetics on the Green Lantern set

Green Lantern looks like it's all CG and motion capture, all the time. But one of the main characters in the film is wearing full practical makeup and prosthetics, at least on his face. More »


At last, we know what "the event" is on The Event

When a show gets canceled before its time, it can go out gracefully or it can go out like an oily smack on the trousers. Unfortunately for The Event, we got the full smackage. More »


Astounding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles art brings the cartoon heroes to grim reality

What if Shredder, Splinter, Rocksteady and Bebop were real? What if the toxic ooze that created the 90s action film Teenage Mutant More »


Is this the leaked script for FX's Powers TV show?

An anonymous tipster has sent us what appears to be the pilot script for FX's adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Oeming's cop-and-superheroes series Powers. More »


The days of "Easy Oil" are over

The major oil fields in the Gulf region have pumped more than half their oil, which is the point at which production usually begins to decline, one expert tells the Wall Street Journal. More »