Richard A. Kirk is an artist inspired by the close-up view in his backyard garden - especially fungi, plants, insects, and birds. His intricate pieces are filled with so much that each time you look, you come away with something new.

For more about Richard A. Kirk, please see his website.

Cuckoo's Promise - a recent work inspired by A.S. Byatt's The Children's Book, where magical, fantasy worlds are not always what they seem (and not always pleasant).

Life Form - this one is one of my favorites. Check out the dangling ear (more on that later)

Unaccountable Absence of the Wastrel - a recent work all about losing yourself

Palace of Flies - someone needs to write a story around this image

Iconoclast - the mixing of plan, animal and man (my words, not the artist's)

Ascension - this piece is so beautiful in so many ways

Left to Her Own Devices - I am always drawn to art that melds human and machine, don't ask me why

Trinity - Holy? Perhaps.

Darkness Blooming - Everything grows in this garden

Ominous Root - check out the books (i.e. roots)

Awakening - capturing that moment when you first awake, while still holding onto fragments of dreams.


The Tragedy of Erroneous Pagination - Books can be dangerous

Devil's Darning Needle - pretty creepy

Bellman - inspired by tinnitus and deafness (probably the only artwork in the world that is)

Inx - A combination of the artist and the sphinx

Murder Machine - from the Labyrinth exhibition at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, March 2008

Dust Mill - showing the passage of time

Botanica - with a frog

Chimera - from the artist's website: "Chimeras are symbolic of catastrophe and breathe fire. In this case the Chimera breathes a life-giving fire which ignites the fecundity of nature causing an explosion of limitless form?

Jabberwocky - Yes! From the Lewis Carroll poem.

Murder in the Court of the Katydid King - inspired by things like insects, fungus and plants

Cochlea - hearing issues lead to strange images, don't they?

Sinister Game of Paperface - not like Monopoly!


Anteater- might enjoy more than just ants...

Earthstar - A new work isnpired by the artists's garden. Growth and decay, the cycle of the garden.

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