Massive theme park Efteling has unveiled their latest fantasy creation: the medieval town of Ravelijn and its giant steampunk dragon beast. It's like a Game Of Thrones theme park, only without the orgies. We've got a gallery.

The fantasy town of Ravelijn opened its gates last month to reveal a whole upgraded world of jousting, magic, dragons, griffins, and more. The story behind the magical fake land was crafted by writer Paul van Loon (and it's also been translated into a TV series). The tale follows 5 city kids who discover the ancient ruins of Ravelijn, and once they enter the gates they're magically transported into the past (where they are now adult knights). The kids must then use the magic of the times to defeat the evil presence in this ancient land. Check out the video and stills we've rounded up from the big premiere party.

Top image from Deviant Art's Lord Snoopy. Thanks for the tip, SupaChupacabra!