The blog Project Rooftop is obsessed with the sartorial side of superheroics and posts oodles of redesigns (both official and unofficial) of your favorite capes. Artist Kris Anka recently gave Marvel's nastiest (and worst dressed) villains some much-needed makeovers.

Here are his redesigns for Galactus, Kang, and Thanos. Although I'm pretty sure Galactus derives his unfathomable cosmic power from his murderous puce chapeau, I can't help but be intrigued by Anka's rejiggering.

My basic idea is that he is sort of a void of power. Make him a more visual representation of the "abstract" concept. The hole in his chest is where he eats planets. Afterwards his body physically becomes whatever main element of that planet was. So if he eats a star, his body becomes fire.

He is from the future. he should look like it, and have tech that looks impossible.

This was my attempt to take all the corniness from him. I always felt his costume kept him from being a huge cosmic threat that he should be. I also added the hood to tie him to Death, visually.

You can see Anka's new looks for Ultron and Baron Von Strucker here. There's also a wealth of other fine designs in the archives. Check out Phonogram artist Jamie McKelvie's non-Speedo take on Psylocke and James Harren's symbiote portraits